Obituary of Captain Grey Beard

Heads…. Tails…. Heads… All in the toss of a coin and it was gone. Captain Grey Beards journey was over before it had begun.

At the ripe old age of 3 weeks and 2 days Captain Grey Beard left the face of his owner. The last 45 minutes of his life were gruesome. He was attacked by a pair or scissors before being mauled by a blunt electric razor. The last signs of life were still apparent as he lay in clumps in the basin before being washed down the drain.

Captain Grey Beard is survived by his best friend Lachlan Beattie and won’t be missed by Caroline, Ava and Audrey – and possibly not Jack!!

8 responses to “Obituary of Captain Grey Beard

    • Thinking about it mate – the only concern is the heat!! It got bloody itchy last time.. Captain Grey Beard has made a short re-appearance – maybe, just maybe he will come back!!


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