Day 5 – Dubbo to Cobar

Having decided to set off early and hit the road to see the sights of Cobar (of which there are more than we anticipated) the girls over breakfast asked whether they could please go back to the zoo – so Lach and I agreed knowing that we had originally intended on going a second day and we are also on holiday and knowing the girls loved it and would love it all over again – why not!! So i cleaned and packed up the van whilst Lach went to get some bread and milk. Then we headed off back to the zoo for day 2, parked the van, unhitched and in we went – straight to the Meerkats to which both the girls just kept saying “ah so cute”. We then got back in the car to see the cheetah’s to see if they were a bit closer than yesterday and they were basking in the sun – today was significantly cooler than yesterday and all of the animals were definitely more lively – including the baby elephant which was walking around under the legs of his mum – then it started to rain and we went to see if the lions were more active today. Once again it felt like we were the only people in the zoo – the whole place to ourselves – wherever we went the animals put on a show just for us. The lions were spectacular – 3 of them rolling around and wrestling and chasing each other – so amazing to see. Of course we also went to say goodbye to the ‘stinky’ Bongo – which we learnt are endangered and fewer than 100 left in the wild worldwide 😦


We headed back to the van hitched up and off we drove to Cobar – the rain kicked in at full throttle along the straightest road i have ever seen, let alone driven. i reckon i drove for at least an hour on a dead straight road, with road trains pelting past in the opposite direction – however the caravan didn’t sway once – such a dream to tow. The scenery was extremely boring and it was a good job that Lach was there to keep me company, else it would be so monotonous.

There were two towns we passed through in 300kms – Nevertire (population 225) – when we couldn’t remember the name of it – we thought of ‘not boring’, and then just before arriving in Nyngan we drove past a sign saying ‘Welcome to Bogan Shire’…. we both thought it was a joke, as neither of actually realised there was a ‘real’ Bogan Shire. Both Nevertire and Nyngan were like a ghost town. Then after some more long boring straight roads we started to see some outback red along the sides of the roads, mobile signal was very intermittent and then we arrived in Cobar (population 3,800) and it was bustling (all relative!). Welcome to Outback NSW.

The caravan site gave us the pick of the spots – which makes sense for parks which aren’t full, so we did a drive around and chose one which was nice and shaded – considering when we left Dubbo the temperature was 16 degrees, and then only an hour outside of Cobar it started rising and within an hour it was 29 degrees. We asked at reception whether there were any ‘must-sees’ of Cobar – and sure enough she suggested the Open Cut Gold Mine, so off we toddled (5mins drive away) and suddenly we were at Cobars first gold mine (300m above sea level) which is still operational and mining 15kg of gold every 2 days. The girls were fascinated when a little truck came out the bottom and drove all the way up. The lookout gave a stunning view of the Cobar valley, where there is also a copper mine.

When we got back to the park I had to do our first domestic duty – a load of washing – it was washed in 27mins and dried on the line within the hour, and the best of all – i don’t have to iron it! Thanks for the tip (can’t remember who gave it) to use washing liquid capsules in the wash rather than powder – worked a treat!

Ava had a heart wrenching breakdown at dinner about missing daycare and her friends and especially her best friend Mia. she was hysterical and inconsolable – it tore our heart to see it. She then added in that she wanted to go home and see Jack and her friends and teachers at daycare. We remedied the tears by FaceTiming Mia – after which she felt better and made me promise that she will always be best friends with Mia even though they are not going to the same school next year.

Whilst I am finishing off this – its been confirmed that Trump is now President and  Lach has the map out trying to work out whether certain roads are open for our next few days travel – our first full on outback experience is only a matter of hours away!!!

2 responses to “Day 5 – Dubbo to Cobar

  1. Yet another wonderful Blog. Do you realise that James McC’s parents live in Nyngan? Miss u all Love Mum xx

    Sent from my iPad Rosie Beattie



  2. The photos of the animals are gorgeous ( children too of – course).
    So much information and things to take in and learn. What an experience.
    What would we do without FaceTime? Mia will always be around …
    Snowing in the U.K., but not in Cheltenham.

    Liked by 1 person

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