Day 9 – Relaxing in Menindee

After a full on day yesterday of spending the majority of time in the car (8hours), we decided we would stay ‘put’ today and spend the day doing what the girls wanted and having some down time. So when the girls woke we asked them what they wanted to do, we gave them options of sightseeing, going to see where Grandpa and Nanna used to work (Royal Flying Doctors) or playing games – they opted for playing games all day. Then they discovered that if they used Lachlans sleeping bag over the table they could make a cubby house – albeit a bit dark, so we gave them the camping lantern. This entertained them for ages whilst Lach and I just chilled out. After we realised it was actually 8am in NSW time (we are now in the Central Australian Timezone) we thought we should have breakfast – this however started world war #5 with Ava (day 5 of these tantrums). She has been very emotional and the fact that we needed to dismantle the cubby house to have breakfast (can’t eat outside as the wind is so ferocious ~50km/h winds, that even our coffee cups would likely blow away) meant that Ava screamed the caravan down as if she had broken her arm – oh yes that right she cried less when she did break her arm a couple of years ago. On the side lines of Ava’s tantrums Audrey is acting as if butter wouldn’t melt by saying “I’m being good, Ava’s being naughty”. I must admit Ava being so naughty and screaming as if the world has ended at least once a day over the past few days reminds me of stories my mum used to tell me about when I came home from boarding school and would be naughty for the first week of school holidays. Characteristics of both Lachlan and I are definitely showing through from both girls :). People say that 24/7 in a caravan doing a holiday like this takes a while to get used too and maybe we assumed the girls would be ok and it wouldn’t impact them – however I think Ava is missing her friends and her ‘own’ time more than we have given her credit for – older than her years I think.

After the tantrum subsided Ava turned into the angelic little girl that everyone knows and loves. We ate breakfast and then Lach took Audrey for a drive into ‘town’ for some Daddy Audrey time and I stayed with Ava and had some Mummy Ava time. When we reunited as a family (we all need downtime sometime and I think the girls actually enjoyed being away from each other for a bit) the girls played beautifully in the cubby house for a couple of hours, whilst Lach and I sat having a cup of tea hidden behind the van from the wind – we have been on the go for a week and it feels like this is the first time we have really stopped. We then couldn’t sit still for too long and so started cleaning bits of the car that were actually unsafe – headlights, number plates, windows etc…. as well as knocking off the dried mud from underneath.

We ventured to the local pub for lunch and then came back and we all had a rest for a couple of hours – I fell asleep reading – officially on holiday when reading and sleeping at lunchtime. The afternoon was spent playing in the cubby house, ‘duck duck goose’, ‘tip’ and sticker books – the girls have definitely had a day for them today which they have deserved.

We intended on staying here for 3 nights and doing the sights of Broken Hill from here – but now that we are going for dinner at a friends house tomorrow night we have decided to stay tomorrow at Broken Hill which will mean on Tuesday we are 100km closer to our next stop which will be as close to Flinders Ranges as we can.

A chicken cous cous salad for dinner was a refreshing change to our meat and veg and bread….. now to choose what wine to drink tonight. The girls and Lach are still playing Duck Duck Goose outside – hopefully they will sleep well tonight as today the girls have had more exercise today than any other day in the past week.

It’s been a shame about the wind as the sun has been really warm, but the wind has meant that we haven’t been able to fully appreciate this beautiful Copi Hollow Caravan Park and the lake and space (only two other vans here). Hopefully the wind will subside tomorrow for our sightseeing in Broken Hill.

2 responses to “Day 9 – Relaxing in Menindee

  1. Whoa what a read. Been catching up on your last 4 days as been too busy and your descriptive blogs take a while to digest. What a record for you all in years to come… memory jogs but in detail.
    Sounds like that 4wd course was the best thing you ever did. What an adventure! And So much more to come.
    Hope you get some more R&R days soon and Ava relaxes. It’s a big deal and understandable that she needs to vent. All kiddies are the same. One plays up and the other is angelic!! That never changes…
    Love to all x


  2. The girls have many traits from both of you, both good and not so good ( the good far outway the not so good). As for the latter Caroline you are so right about the first few days of each holiday. It wasn’t so much that you had tantrums, just naughty and self willed. Dad and I only managed 3 days before deciding that you needed some discipline after which you suddenly changed attitude and our lovely daughter once more emerged. “Why didn’t we tackle her on day one?” we always asked ourselves. So it’s not only Ava we see here, but just as much a similarity with Audrey’s strong will. It seems as though Ava is missing her routine as well as friends and there is nothing wrong with that, but it does seem your patience will be tested for a while longer.
    The way the girls play so well together is a breath of fresh air; this is such a strength of both of them which is seldom seen so regularly in siblings (from our experience anyway). Long may it last.
    Even being in the U.K we are missing you being at home, very strange and doesn’t make any sense.
    We are off to The Armistice Service this morning. It is a lovely sunny and cold day so will wrap up warm, it is always cold standing around the war memorial.

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