Day 18 – Nullarbor to Caiguna

A quick breakfast and we were on the road again. Caroline re-read the rules for quarantine crossing from South Australia to Western Australia and prepared a selection of carrot, celery, cucumber, oranges, five bananas and 7 apples to eat in two and a half hours. Not sure what the after effects of eating the vast fruit and veggie spread would be on all of us, in-particular Audrey, affectionately known as the ‘poo machine’. Don’t worry. Bowel movements will not be covered in this blog.

During breakfast the girls initiated a hilarious conversation on the different types of sneezes that members of our family ‘perform’. Audrey does the body shaking sneeze. She sneezes so much that it clears her nose. At this point she shakes her arms, shoulders and head screaming “Tissue, Tissue, Tissue”! Ava performs a delicate little sneeze, while Caroline has a sneeze that is a cross between being high pitched, delicate and repetitive – a sneezing ‘machine gun’. Mine, is loud and powerful, similar to Grandpa – a loud quick explosion while Nanna has a high pitched squealing sneeze. Then we moved to the UK side of the family. Gramps, with his polite, discreet gentlemens sneeze – holding it all in,  while Nonna’s sneeze involves every part of her body, ending in an enormous ‘AHHHH CHOOO’. Absolutely ear piercing. A fantastic breakfast conversation.

We spent most of the day still trying to spot camels and listening to Christmas songs at the request of Ava. After crossing the boarder we saw another tree decorated in Christmas apparel, with red and green tinsel. Another 500 metres up the road we saw a lone teddy bear with a party hat on his head. We love the random tree decorations! Surprisingly not many animals to see on this leg of the trip – nothing! A few expired kangaroos, nothing more.

Having lunch at morning tea due to the time differences between South Australia and Western Australia, we gained another two hours. Silently we are dreading the impact of the 2.5 hour time difference on the girls.

Caroline has done another sterling job of driving. Approximately 6 hours of driving as our intended stop over, Cocklebiddy, was undergoing renovations so we had a 70km detour up the road to Caiguna. I have spent most of the day alternating between ice and compression bandages, keeping my leg elevated. One advantage of a long drive is having the chance to be immobilised for a significant amount of time. As a result my leg feels much better!

This evening, we will eat in at the caravan park at Caiguna at the roadhouse to make things a little easier for everyone. We hope to stretch out the girls’ dinner time with plenty of snacks to try and compensate for the change in time zones.

Tomorrow we hope to push through to Norseman, visit the blow hole just outside of Caiguna and drive the straightest road in Australia, one of the longest in the world – the Ninety Mile Straight before heading to Wave Rock.

Chicky Edit – Whilst I am publishing this, Lachlan is being a very ‘patient’ patient with Ava being the Doctor and Audrey being the nurse. We have had showers and its the equivalent of 8pm and will head over to dinner soon at the roadhouse – not sure how much longer the girls will last, but hopefully if we can push them out tonight they won’t wake us up at 4am tomorrow….fingers crossed


5 responses to “Day 18 – Nullarbor to Caiguna

  1. Lovely to know that it’s a family that is talking and not gazing at screens. What an interesting conversation, the family of sneezers!
    What next, I hate to think. Hopefully to keep it clean please.
    Obviously a little less interesting as a short blog today.
    The Kangaroo was amazing, a little unusiual but you are in the outback of Australia after all!
    Now Nonna, putting ideas into Caroline’s head…… Nanna support must come in here, Lach has lots of brownie points himself… Think of the repair to the bumper when that tree ran out and BIT the car!!!
    All that aside you are both doing an amazing job, long distances towing a van and obviously Caroline doing a fair bit of the driving although I’m sure she likes it that way.
    Drive safely, miss you all


  2. Definitely a family of sneezers – sorry Audrey you seem to have inherited from both Beattie and Chick. Delighted to know that you have conversations at meal times albeit on some strange subjects.
    Such a long drive – Caroline you are clocking up the ‘brownie’ points; you need to plan on how you wish to be repaid!!

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