Captain grey beard resurrected!

Initial Attempt

Lachlan has decided (against his wife’s and many other people’s requests) to not shave for the entire 3 month trip. However he has already started not shaving following our Virgin Voyage so I thought I would start the beards own blog page, so we can all monitor its growth over what will now be 4 months.

1 week in and all I can say is “it’s looking very two-tone Mr Lachlan”

Week 1 – Oct 7th

Obituary of Captain Grey Beard: Aged 3 weeks 2 days..

The resurrection of Captain Grey Beard

So it’s 13 days into the trip and Lach has decided that the beard is a good idea! So keep track of this page for updates!!!!

Week 3

So we are back growing the beard – not sure whether its laziness or he likes it. I think he actually like it, and to be honest its growing on me too (just not the prickliness of it – hopefully it will soften soon). I just realised that this photo looks pretty much identical to the one taken back in October – same T shirt and glasses – however this time around the hair is now becoming like a ‘Lions’ mane (as Ava calls it)


Week 3 – 25th Nov 2016

Each decided a week ago that it would be a good idea to cut his hair, so off to the hairdressers we went before he could change his mind. He did however leave the beard and has since been playing with it every day – twisting it!!!! For you fellow beard growers, please tell me that this twisting stops soon…

Here is the most recent photo of the beard (& Lach of course). Day 44 (day 2 of week 7)


Week 7 – 18th Dec 2016


Week 8 – 24th Dec 2016


Week 10 – 7th January 2017

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