It all begins…

Over the October long weekend, we will all be heading down to Melbourne to pick up the caravan (getting up around 4am and pushing through the early hours to get there mid afternoon) on Friday – hang out with some friends on Friday night – hopefully the girls can run ragged when we arrive and get rid of some of their energy from being couped up in a car for ~10 hours.

Saturday morning we will arrive at our friends house who are lending us their van. We suspect that we will need a good few hours with them learning all the ‘stuff’ about the van. Although from all the blogs i have read – we will learn most of it as we go. Once we have absorbed as much information as possible, we will start our adventure journey back to Sydney – we are calling this the trial run.

We will head back along the VIC / NSW coast road and take 4 days to get back to Sydney. Lots and lots of practice needed – both towing and camping.

Here is the map of the route for our ‘trial run’


2 responses to “It all begins…

  1. It is so exciting although we are going to miss you all terribly. I will miss my morning calls from Lach and those cuddles from the two A’s.
    Even now more exciting that we have seen the van and got inside, do not think that JB and I would cope as there is no room for clothes!!
    Love Nanna


  2. How exciting. The coast road brings back memories for me when We drove in the opposite direction when Caroline returned to Melbourne after her work secondment in Sydney. I loved Mallacoota, so peaceful and very pretty. The girls are going to be so excited.

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