4WD Training

We were off training this weekend with the Toyota Land Cruiser Club in country NSW to ensure we knew what our Prado would be capable of when we take it across Australia.

What more can I say than – Its a beast and capable of anything we throw at it.

There were some definately some stomach in mouth moments and now I know why the reason the ‘jesus handle’ got its name. Our test was the ‘merry go round’ where we had to plan our own route and get to the top of an extremely steep incline with a massive ditch in the middle. I punched the air (as well as swore in jubilation) when I got to the top, and Lachlan went straight up the middle (toughest route) and the front wheel even left the ground (see photo), but most importantly we made it and have gained respect for the vehicle and our own driving skills are pretty impressive.

We also learnt how to get ourselves out of trouble, with the most convoluted pully, snatch strap, dead man anchors mechanisms that we will ever see – hopefully we wont need any.

We both finished with smiles on our faces and had a fantastic weekend.

Another skill added to our resume, along with the Towing Course we did, for getting ready for our 3monthsinacaravan


2 responses to “4WD Training

  1. Learning to drive off-road and learning how your vehicle is going to behave in different circumstances is essential to any off-road adventure. I just shared a post about driving off-road that you might enjoy, and Andrew St. Pierre White has a great video on 4×4 driving skills on his youtube channel 4xoverland. I’ve got a link to it my blog post. You might check it out. I’ll be following along with your posts.


  2. I did send a comment in response to the alert but cannot now see it. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place.
    I also commented on all the other posts but cannot them either.

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