Day 3 – Mudgee to Dubbo

From Smudgee to Dumbo according to Ava. We left Mudgee campsite around 9am and headed towards Gulgong, a 19th century gold rush town, approximately 30 minutes drive North from Mudgee. Gulgong today probably looks quite similar to what it did around two hundred years ago. Old rustic stores, wide raised footpaths and a narrow straight main road. Most of the shops were closed or abandoned. It actually had the feeling of an old Western, where you may expect a sheriff to walk into the middle of the street with a pair of 6 shooters. Unfortunately this didn’t eventuate as it may have added a little more excitement to our Gulgong adventure.

After ‘surviving’ the main road, we headed to the Henry Lawson museum, a building that looked like an old church from the inside. After reading some of his poetry and viewing other artefacts, we headed back to the car and shortly commenced our drive to Dubbo.

The drive from Mudgee – Gulgong – Dubbo was similar to Caroline’s first drive from Sydney to Mudgee. After a few moments I was back into the swing of things, feeling comfortable towing the van. The road from Gulgong to Dubbo was quite barren. Compared to the vivid green landscape of Mudgee, the scenery from Dunedoo to Dubbo was aflood with a sea of straw yellow colour. High dry grasses, hay bails and a lack of water were the notable things along this stretch of the trip. Within an hour and a half we arrived at Dubbo City Holiday Park and parked the van before jumping in the on-site swimming pool – a necessary dip as it was a hot day, approximately 33 degrees with a dry wind that didn’t provide any relief for the dry heat of Dubbo. A taste of things to come…a

Standard routine for the evening. This camp site has fantastic bathrooms and provided us with a ‘special’ access key to a kids bathroom allowing the girls to have a bath. For dinner we will be having a meal of ham and cheese pasta paired with a bottle of 2016 Robert Stein Saingee.

Cross your fingers that the girls will have a good nights rest this evening – we are off to see the animals of Dubbo tomorrow and hope to visit the Zoo whilst we are in the area!!

Happy hunting!!

4 responses to “Day 3 – Mudgee to Dubbo

  1. Hiii Ava! Thanks so much for the postcard! Laughed a lot at the giraffes on the front. I miss u lots toooo! Hope ur having a fantastic time with your family.
    Lots of Love,


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