Day 21 – Fraser Range to Kalgoorlie

So the morning stated well and the wind had settled down, although the neighbours with the vintage van packed up and left very early with not much concern for sleeping neighbours. They were gone by 630am. Our conversation at breakfast this morning were the names of the 5 children – between us we knew 3 of them – Harmony, Sky and Storm…we then spent the next few minutes discussing what the others names were likely to be – Audrey reckoned the boy should have been called ‘Peanut butter’.

We left the park at 8am for a 3hr drive and Lach drove out like he had been driving every day (beard is now in full growth – so keep an eye on the Captain Grey Beard page for weekly updates!!). Not a flinch in his leg and confident again. So it was really nice for me to be able to sit down in the passenger seat and watch the scenery – albeit very boring and same same!!!. We did however spot our first camel on the side of the road, however it was lying on its side, stiff and very bloated and on the wrong side of life 😦 we then had to explain to Ava what stiff meant – but we did see a camel! We passed some massive mud flats that just went all the way to the horizon, but apart from that a load of road trains, even a real train, and nothing else.

I told Ava this morning that she had a message from Mia overnight and that daycare were reading the blog – so they wanted to have a few photos taken for daycare today to show them what fun they are having.

We arrived in Kalgoorlie just in time for lunch, so we set up the caravan and ventured into town. It did surprise me how big it was and also how ‘smart’ it was for an outback town. We found a funky cafe called Relish and ate lunch whilst discussing our plans for the afternoon. The girls had a milkshake and this photo is for everyone at daycare!!!img_1674

We really wanted to see the Super Pit so i called up to organise and learnt that the youngest age for safety reasons is 4 (they even ask for ID!), so we needed to change our plans. The chap I spoke too was very helpful and suggested we go to the Hannan North Tourist Mine and then the Super Pit public viewing platform, so off we trotted to the Tourist Mine and had a great time – so much to see and the girls loved it. We literally walked around the original mine, workshops, cold rooms, gold room the offices, and then had a chance to pan for gold – which they loved (maybe more so the splashing in the water!).


The bit the girls loved most of all was the ability to climb into the dump truck and the digger. The size of them is just beyond comprehension, then when you see them in the actual mine going up and down they look tiny! More photos for daycare…

The old artefacts around the Hannan mine were beautiful – so well presented in a rusty kind of way 🙂

We finished off the day with a trip up to the Super Pit viewing platform – mind blowing is all I can say.


We came back to the park after a quick food shop – to stock up for the next week to take us to Margaret River – it was stinking hot, so all jumped in the pool (or should I correct that by saying that we all intended to jump in the pool, but it was too cold for me!!).

Today is the first day in the past 21 days (yes we have been away for 3 weeks!) that we haven’t had an afternoon ‘hooley’ hit around 4pm, its been beautiful. We ate dinner outside and no-one was cold. The girls went to bed and we are sitting outside without a whistle of wind drinking a nice cold Gin and Tonic for me and a Pimms for Lach.

My favourite picture of the day is my 3 loved ones – beautiful photo of them all:Version 2

5 responses to “Day 21 – Fraser Range to Kalgoorlie

  1. Yes! I decided to show Ava’s friends photos of your adventures! They loved it! I read out a few snip bits of the blog 🙂 had a brief discussion on Lachlan’s leg hahaha keep the photos coming!


  2. Glad the calf is mended!! Just had a read of the last 3 blogs… the girls are amazing with all the travelling but sounds like the respite of friends to play with was a delight for you! Can’t blame you….
    One of the most amazing photos so far has to be that mine…. whoa!!
    Right must dash (always dashing) school Xmas fayre and I need to be there all day! Look forward to the next session of reading your blog. Love to all.


    • It was definitely impressive. The girls played again tonight with a load of other children who were here for the weekend with their mums or grandparents (who all work together) – the girls were in heaven. A late night for them too as we just let them play. Hopefully a good nights sleep for them and they will wake at a reasonable time….. so hard though when it’s light at 4am!!! WA don’t have daylight savings!!!


  3. We so look forward to waking up and reading the adventures of the previous day. What a great experience for you all to see Kalgoorlie, the colour of the earth is amazing and something the girls will not forget. The photos are especially good and Ava and Audrey look so happy and so healthy, the fresh air agrees with them.. It’s incredible that the six Beattie men all have beards, John really set a trend some 39 years ago.
    The size of the trucks with the family in the wheel is a great photo and day care should love it. It was good that Lach was able to drive, Caroline has been doing a sterling effort. More photos please.
    Love to you all


  4. You are experiencing so many views of Australian life and countryside. Possibly far more than either you or the girls will remember. The blog and the photographs will come out over the years to jog the memories but nothing can match up to seeing the actual sights and meeting the people who live their lives in the outback.


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