Day 20 – Chilling out at Fraser Range Station

After a lovely evening last night eating with the other guests in the big rustic homestead dining room, we ventured back to the van where both girls immediately fell asleep. We followed them inside shortly, after having been hopeful that we could sit outside for a while – however the wind picked up (yet again) and so it was too windy and cold to sit outside. Lachlan started yet another book (he is on his third already) and I finished my first.

Both girls slept until around 6am, which is a massive bonus compared to the day before. So we had a relaxing start to the day – Lachlan made me a cup of tea in bed, and the girls asked whether it was Mothers Day, and if it was, then they would be nice to me all day to which Lachlan replied “you should be nice everyday”.

For the second time this holiday it was actually warm enough to have breakfast outside, so we decided that the girls can make their own breakfast, including pouring the milk – they loved it – only a small spillage – Ava said that it tasted better making it herself.

Before lunch we decided that we would take a walk, and walk out to the golf course – Sheeps Hole to see what it was like – along the way we saw plenty of Emu’s and Kangaroos (which were camouflaged in the rocks until they heard us and all started hopping to somewhere else shaded) and we came across a blue tongue lizard too. The golf hole was quite disappointing, it was only 147m long and a par 3 – i reckon i could have done it in 3 too. Seems a long way to go for an easy hole.

We walked back, or should i say 3 of us walked and Audrey was on Lachs shoulders, which also confirms that his leg is getting significantly better, the suggestion of a walk yesterday made him stare at me as if i had suggested a jacuzzi in the middle of the outback – stupid idea, but today he didn’t even flinch at the suggestion – so i reckon he will be back driving tomorrow. Whilst walking back an emu was walking just ahead of us trying to find the break in the fence to get back to his mates – he didn’t do a very good job at looking and ran back silently and fast in the opposite direction. The girls were playing animal games and Audrey’s best imitations are an Emu and a Cheetah, Ava’s are a Hippo and a Kangaroo – as well as in the last 24hours she has also learnt an exceptional chicken ‘cheep cheep’ sound.

Yesterday when talking to the neighbours and sharing ideas and experiences of where to visit, we took down some notes, and then after having looked at the ‘spreadsheet’ last night of where we have to be by Xmas and Lachs birthday and working backwards we confirmed we have about 6 days up our sleeve, so have decided that we will now go to Kalgoorlie-Boulder to see the mines and then head down to Wave Rock from there and across to Margaret River where we will meet friends from the UK as well as celebrate Lachs birthday. Lachlan spent some time this morning working out where we should go – as we hadn’t researched this area before we left – and has come up with a new itinerary to take us to early December.

The girls are really in the swing of this ‘travelling’ and Ava has come out of her shell where she would stand behind us if we were talking to strangers to now she with initiate conversations with neighbours about where we have been and where they are going, and what they have done that day – it is so nice to see, and people smile and are so kind back to her. Audrey and her last night went up to the chef and thanked her for cooking their dinner and making them jelly – the whole dining room turned around and watched them and had smiles on their faces – so polite they said.

The girls once again today have been collecting ‘Sun Drops’ whilst on our walk and putting them on Lachs leg to make it better – they are also pretending its sun screen. I collected some of these flowers (don’t know their proper name only the girls made up name) and put them in the flower press last night. img_1656

img_1668We had lunch and told the girls they had to have a sleep afterwards and neither complained, Audrey was beside herself with tiredness and Ava relented but went down well. Normally by lunchtime they have both had a nap in the car, so not having driven anywhere today and lots of playing means they are in need of a sleep and Lachlan and I are in need of some ‘quiet’ time too. During lunch an Australian Ring Neck Parrot flew into the bush less than 1m away to eat some of the leaves (the girls noise and mucking around didn’t seem to bother it) and 1hr later was still there munching away – noisy thing!!! Hard to get a photo as it was so well camouflaged.

The girls eventually woke up after a really good sleep and then we all played Boules – to which the girls won the majority of games and Lachlan and i were the losers. Then we played soccer and Lachlan was the stationary goalie for Audrey’s team – however he did manage to pull hie leg again and now its wrapped in ice again. Audrey loved it all running around. I predict that Audrey will be the runner with good hand eye coordination. Over the past few months she has really learnt to run properly and has a big stride and lifts her legs high – whereas Ava still shuffles.

The same as yesterday around 2pm the caravans start to pull in… today a few children in tow which is nice for the girls. One family of 5 children in the smallest vintage van i think i have ever seen (no idea how they will all sleep in there!!!), and 1 girl from Victoria who is the same age as Ava, called Gabi, who took a liking to our girls and invited them to play with her toys outside her van. I went and met the mum and dad and they are doing the same trip as us before school starts. Lachlan took the 3 girls off to see the animals whilst i did some sewing. Audrey has a hole in her leggings and they wont last the trip if not mended, and one of my singlets literally was torn from top to bottom in a load of washing i did this morning – so i mended them both to last a few more weeks at least (i hope).

The girls have really enjoyed playing with another little girl today, and to be honest Lachlan and i are happy for the entertainment – the girls were tiring us out playing, soccer, boules, british bull dogs and what’s the time Mr Wolf, and the girls were getting cross that they weren’t always winning and phone calls to ‘Santa’ were being threatened as tantrums were coming thick and fast due to “it not being fair that its not my turn”….So a few young faces was fantastic.

An afternoon of relaxing and not having to worry about entertainment was lovely. We had steak and carrot and corn for dinner – the only veg that we managed not to loose in quarantine, and all the girls could talk about at dinner was Gabi and whether she had finished her dinner or not and when they could play again. Pjs on and out they went again for playtime…. they will sleep well tonight – no playing inside and all outside running around. Lachlan has read them a story about ‘Dreamtime’ tonight – which they were excited about learning about the aboriginals and their history – it was really cute.

Off to the largest outback city Kalgoorlie-Boulder tomorrow – population of 30,000… should be there by lunch. Wind has picked up again – blowing a ‘hooley’ so another night inside 🙂

2 responses to “Day 20 – Chilling out at Fraser Range Station

  1. I replied to this last night but with a slip of a finger it disappeared.
    Yet again a blog full of an active day, just love the picture of the girls with the sun drops, bought a tear to my eyes as I saw these very old fashioned little girls playing happily with the yellow flowers. Very quaint indeed.
    Lovely to hear the comment about the manners, so lovely to have comments about how well mannered your children are, the hard work and effort is worth it in the end.
    So pleased that you stopped and enjoyed an extra day there as it seemed a beautiful property. Loved the video of the girls looking at the kangaroos, Audreymall ready to jump and Ava cautiously protecting her.
    Hope you had a good day, ours has been busy and Sam Mia, Zac and Ruby came over for dinner and we commenced putting up the Christmas tree.
    Sleep tight, love you all
    Mum,Nanna, Rosie


  2. Come on Beattie’s – what are the sun drops? Love Ava’s name but you need to know the Aussie name too.
    Sounds like a lovely day and I feel sure that once you get into the school holidays there will be more friends for the girls, also it will soon be school holidays. Great to know that Ava is being more outgoing, her confidence is building by the day.
    Lots of love. XX


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