Day 41 – Albany to Bremer Bay – ‘We’re halfway there’

Last night we went out to eat at the local pub called the Three Anchors, the wine list and the food was spectacular, we chose a Chardonnay from the Porongurup region. A region which we have tasted but didn’t manage to get around to visiting (about 30mins north of Albany) and as soon as the first sip was drunk, we both immediately considered visiting the winery. The wine was from Shepard’s Hut Wines and we will be adding this to our repertoire of wineries from the area. The girls smashed their dinner of pasta for Audrey and Chicken wrap for Ava, and Lach and I had probably one of the best meals we have had since leaving Sydney. Ava started a conversation at dinner about how long it takes to set up a cafe, and why don’t we do it? then about chefs and how you become a chef, and that Donna is a chef, but she doesnt work in a restaurant. Then about tables and chairs and how you buy them and who makes them to put them in a shop. We wont be setting up a cafe any time soon – so no worries there 🙂

The girls scooted to dinner and so we knew they would sleep well, having had a long scoot in the morning, a big swim in the afternoon followed by another long scoot to and from dinner. They had an amazing sleep and were asleep within 2mins of heads touching pillow – the same unfortunately couldn’t be said for Lach and I – both of us read our books (as per normal evening routine) and fell asleep to then find ourselves awake at 238am…neither of us could then get back to sleep for a good couple of hours – although its hard for me to know exactly as my battery went yesterday in my watch! I’m not sure who its going to annoy more me not having a watch for the next 6 weeks, me or Lach ( i will have to keep asking him the time!). Anyway, we were both anaylsing why we couldn’t sleep – food we had eaten, wine we had drunk – anything that was different to what we had previous days – no solution – just a really bad nights sleep.

Trixie’s antics for the night was to hide above our bed, the girls assumed that because they couldn’t see him from their bed, was that they were naughty yesterday, but then once they came into our bed, the biggest yelp ever from Ava that Trixie had been watching Mummy and Daddy sleep instead of them. Lach commented that its a beautiful day, so I suggested that we eat breakfast and then take a walk along the beautiful beach before we have to head off to Bremer Bay at 10am.

We are on exactly half way through our holiday today, and it feels like we have been gone for such a long time and we still have the same to go before we get back – so exciting that we still have so much time to explore and get closer as a family.

Walking out to the beach from the caravan park is beautiful, your walking amongst the dunes and then suddenly you appear on this pristine white beach with turquoise green water. Ava struggled getting past the grasses which hung over the footpath, so Audrey went back to collect her and told her “they dont hurt Ava, you just need to walk through them” and held Ava’s hand for the rest of the path and shouted to Lach (who was in the middle of stretching – our muscles are a bit sore from the workout yesterday) “daddy Ava is here I got her” she was so proud of herself going to collect her big sister. We started walking along the beach, Audrey immediately starts picking up shells and asks what type of shell it is, and Ava takes off on her own down the beach walking in the shallows of the sea holding her shoes in her hands. They are loving it, and we are loving it just as much as them, if not more. I find myself standing still and just watching the innocence of Ava jumping around in the sea getting her dress wet, running, splashing and then carefully putting her shoes down just out of the reach of the waves to return to play. I turn around at the same time to see Lachlan standing holding his and Audrey’s shoes just staring out into the ocean. Such a perfect morning. We turned around to walk back to the pirate ship playground so the girls could have a play whilst we had a coffee, on our way back we came across a lady who had just been doing some ‘proper’ swimming in the ocean, she then started running along the beach in her togs and swim hat and goggles, to then turn around and go back into the ocean for another ‘proper’ swim. This is a common sight in this perfect setting – however this very fit lady we reckon must have been in her 80’s. She smiled to us, said good morning, and continued on her way. She had an amazing figure and Lach commented that her swim hat was a tri-club hat. What an inspiration. I bet she does this every morning.

Whilst having a coffee, the girls bought some form of pine tree (we dont know the name of them) to Lach for him to make a sword and sheath from, on the walk back to the caravan park, the girls were once again running around happy as could be. We hooked up the van – we already prepped it before we went for the walk – and off we set to Bremer Bay.

It was a 2 hour drive today which Lach drove exceptionally well – so easy towing this van, it all comes so naturally now to us both. Turning into Bremer Bay we looked to the horizon and all we could see was pristine white sand and turquoise waters with a perfect blue sky – it was breathtaking. We set up camp at the Bremer Bay Caravan Park and being right next to the play equipment was perfect as the girls exited the car whilst we set up and got lunch ready. Ava wanted rice cakes with honey and Audrey wanted rice cakes with strawberry jam, whilst Lach and I had lamb ham sandwiches….we bought the lamb ham from McHenry Hohnen Winery in Margaret River and have been waiting to have it for what seems like ages – it was delicious!dsc_2601

We then went exploring to suss out the surrounding area – we were recommended to go to a beach called Short Beach for fishing and for the girls, we drove down the road and the view made us stop in our tracks – the water was four colours, changing from navy to green to turquoise to pale blue as the water became shallower, the white sand in contrast was like snow. Lach and I both have polarised glasses and when we took our glasses off, it was just as magnificent, but the colours didn’t ‘pop’ as much. Its a shame that the camera doesn’t have a polarised lens to depict these colours so clearly. We will return to this beach tomorrow for Lach to fish and for us girls to play on the beach.


Short Beach, Bremer Bay

On the way back we drove past a beach with a boat ramp and jetty – Lach is more likely to catch fish here, but its not as pretty for us girls to relax and play, we may come back here another day. Right next to the caravan park is the estuary into the ocean, we turned up and there was our first experience of cars just parked on the beach and people swimming. The sand was like talcum powder and compacted from all of the cars which had driven out. We braved the journey and drove onto the sand for a birds eye view of the beach. We will be back here too as this water is meant to be slightly warmer due to the fresh water meeting the Southern Ocean.


Main Beach, Bremer Bay

Just as we are about to return to the caravan park, Ava requests a song to be played called ‘Ghost Town’. So I search for it and play it, unsure how she knows the song. She sings along to every word and I ask her how she knows this song and her response is “we play it at daycare and also I heard it on Mike and Moppy’s boat when we went with them and i like it”.

The girls immediately go to the playground and 4 other boys of similar age arrive. Its one of the boys 5th birthday today, so the girls are asked to share in the cake and birthday festivities. After playground, tennis courts, soccer and cake followed by scooting for at least 2 hours before dinner of steak and jacket potatoes – the girls will definitely sleep well tonight (we hope we will too). Lach bought his lottery ticket today for tonight’s lottery as I have been signing the lottery song all week (for no reason) so he had to get a ticket in case it was a sign 🙂

The weather has been stunning today – we are praying for it to continue. Now to decide which wine for this evening. We put two in the fridge this morning so make sure they are nice and cool ready for our tasting this evening.

One response to “Day 41 – Albany to Bremer Bay – ‘We’re halfway there’

  1. Get a grip you two – of course you didn’t sleep well because Trixie was watching you all night making sure you were behaving. Your subconscious was aware.
    Thank you for the pictures you are painting of the girls. I can see Audrey returning for and helping her sister. I can see Ava taking care of her shoes before paddling and splashing in the ocean.
    You will all struggle when you have to wear proper shoes again. 👠👟👞
    I’m sure there are numerous places in the world with stunning colours of the sea, but very few places where the beaches are as deserted.
    You have done so much during the first half of your trip – let’s see what the second half has to offer. Enjoy fishing and playing tomorrow.
    Missing you. Christmas is now so close. Dad finishes for Christmas on Friday but staying overnight for firms dinner. Another 10 to feed on Saturday. Odoires, Helyers, Williams, Gammages.


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