Day 40 – Albany – The Captain’s Log

Captain’s log, Stardate 14.12.2016. After receiving a haircut only a few days prior, I, Captain Greybeard, am trying to re-acquaint myself with looking a little more civilised. Product in the freshly cut hair, beard oil in the bushy grey beard – this Seadog is looking pretty good me thinks!

Trixie, the naughty Christmas ‘pirate’ elf was up to no good again. Looking like a figurehead found on the prow of ships, Trixie had commandeered all of the beer coasters, fostering a pose similar to someone looking out to see.img_2066

A hearty breakfast of bacon and cackle fruit, cooked by my faithful Cockswain, Caroline, we refuelled our bodies for a day of exercise and exploring Middleton Beach, the area in which we anchored our vessel, old faithful ‘Expanda Outback’.

The breakfast meal was devoured in moments by the Cockswain, the little Buccaneers and I, Captain Greybeard. It seems Cockswain Caroline had some sinister plans in mind, dressed in an unusual attire of something called ‘active wear’. Me thinks she wanted to see old Captain sweat a little, threatening me with a walk of the plank if I didn’t complete the 100 to 1 – some form of punishment no doubt!

What is 100 to 1 I hear you ask; it is 100 lunges, 90 crunches, 80 squats (ATG – Ass To Ground), 70 side raises, 60 lunges, 50 crunches, 40 squats, 30 side raises, 20 lunges finishing with 10 crunches. Not sure if this is a reasonable thing to do to an old pirate, even with a sore leg.

We painfully go through the set of exercises, then the crafty Cockswain says we have another few sets to complete of planks and ‘up-down push ups’. Arrrrggggghhhh – going to be a bit sore after all of this!! The little Buccaneers had a fantastic time while we punished ourselves, playing with a few landlubbers from the caravan site. On completing the exercises, we decided to walk along the foreshore, passing two sets of play equipment along the way. This immediately caused the little Buccaneers to ask “Captain, can we go on the play equipment” (NB they may not have called me Captain, but that is what I heard) “Later” I remarked, “we can explore upon our return”.

We headed along the walkway that hugged the coast. The sky was a shade greyer than my beard, a sign of foul weather ahead! The little Buccaneers, whom had brought their scooters for the journey, craftily steered their ‘land vessels’ along the route for a few kilometres before we decided to turn back and explore the play equipment.img_2068

Fortunately the first play equipment was next to a cafe/restaurant called ‘Three Anchors’, a fantastic place for a Salty Seadog and his crew to have a coffee or two. ‘Yo Ho Ho’! The Buccaneers played on the play equipment, which was shaped like a large pirate ship – having fun exploring the ship and demonstrating prowess for walking the plank.

After a relaxing time spent at the small ‘play ship’, we headed to the other playground, where the entire crew engaged in the second round of exercises for the morning! Push ups, pull ups, chin ups were performed by Cockswain Caroline and I, while the Buccaneers performed a series of ‘fruit bat’ like hanging upside down and exercises where they held their body weight up using the strength in their shoulders and arms.

An eventful morning, we headed back to the ship for lunch and a midday sleep for the little Buccaneers, while Cockswain Caroline worked on her tan whilst reading a book – making the most of the sun coming out!fullsizerender

For the afternoon it will be more relaxing, possibly a bit of a swim, which Cockswain Caroline has already volunteered the old Captain to ‘get involved’ in, followed by an early dinner at “Three Anchors” – a perfect holiday paced day.

2 responses to “Day 40 – Albany – The Captain’s Log

  1. Has this holiday and time away from real life caused you to loose the plot?. What a great read and I just wondered what was going to happen next.
    I agree with Nonna we certainly would be having a gentle stroll or sitting sipping something to our taste, perhaps we would have to wait till after noon.
    Lovely landscape and amazing all the great play
    grounds that you find.
    Glad to see Trixie is up to tricks and look forward to the girls being good so Trixie does not disappear.
    End of a long week at work.
    Enjoy your evening
    Love you all
    MRN xxxx


  2. Ahoy me hearties! Such landlubbers playing at pirates. You have forgotten the ubiquitous parrot and to think they are in abundance in your land across the sea. Can’t have a show without Polly.
    Very impressed with the girls strength and they appear to be enjoying their exercises too which is more than I would be if I was there. Must admit I think C must be missing boot camp putting you both through all that horrible stuff.
    Glad to see Trixie still up to tricks. …. keeps us all entertained.


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