Day 44 – Bremer Bay to Munglinup to ??

Bremer Bay was a truly relaxing three night stop over. The girls played extremely well with the neighbouring kids, while Caroline and I really enjoyed meeting a range of people. Awaking from a fantastic nights sleep, Trixie once again was the cause of the morning’s entertainment, found once again by Ava holding a banana in his hand! Breakfast outside, followed by another brutal exercise session (Ava joined in parts of it – wanting to be “strong enough to pick up Alana when we get back to Beecroft!”) while they juggled their play between the playground and the tennis courts. Audrey took herself to the tennis courts, armed with her helmet and scooter – bravely traversing the court solo for around 30 minutes. I love seeing the girls exploring, using their imagination during play time and developing their socialising skills – wonderful to witness!

No surprises here, we left the camp at 9am. Irrelevant of the time we wake, we seem to be pretty good at leaving most sites by 9am – allowing us the opportunity to maximise our time at our next destination, Munglinup.

Sitting co-pilot on our drive today, we once again had a little chuckle over the estimated time the sat nav suggested for the 300 odd kilometres. It estimates the journey will take 5 hours and 50 minutes – I think not! Nevertheless, looking forward from the ‘cockpit’ of the car, we have blue skies, brown-red dirt bordered by green trees and straight straight roads, the monotony only broken by the undulations of crossing from hills to flood ways. dsc_2620The straight roads give us time to reflect. Recall parts of our trip, Dubbo zoo, Broken Hill, Tibooburra, crossing the Nullabor and Margaret River. We have seen so much, experienced so much. Loved every minute. While we still have so many more things to experience, I have to admit I am feeling a little saddened that we are slowly making our approach eastward, indicating our journey (while we do still have many weeks to go) is coming to an end. It is an odd sensation, I feel like we have been away for a long time, but haven’t at the same time. Truth be told, I suppose I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from 3 months in a caravan – expectations have to date been exceeded, I love spending time with the family whilst exploring this truly beautiful country of ours!

The girls once again were extremely patient in the car. Audrey, as usual, was dolled up wearing her finest bracelet, matching necklace along with her sunnies – our own glamorous and petite Audrey Hepburn. Ava on the other hand, was enjoying the company of her ‘baby’ for the majority of the trip and using her ‘ipad’ (etch a sketch). Ava was using her imagination to re-live episodes of Peppa Pig among other shows, ensuring baby was entertained though out the trip.

On route we stopped off at Ravensthorpe for a quick grocery stop, knowing we would be quite isolated at Munglinup. We passed some decorated silos before finding the supermarket – just before IGA’s closing time at 12 midday! Retrieving our bounty, we headed back to the car for cold pizza for lunch. Only another 88 kilometres before hitting our destination for the evening.

We arrived in Munglinup a little after 2pm and were not impressed at all with the camp site. An eco campsite that had signs all over it emphasising the need not to use electricity. “Don’t use electric toasters or kettles”, “Don’t use air conditioners or fans”. Initially not impressed with our locale for the next three nights, we headed down towards the beach and gawked over a beautiful beach, similar to Greens Pool in Denmark, where rocks had formed a large perimeter around a natural sea pool. Unfortunately the weather may not have done justice to this stretch of beach.

The overcast horizon coupled with onshore winds didn’t make a swim too appealing. As we struggled with phone reception in the area, we drove to the highest hill we could find on route and weighed up our options. Do we stay or do we go??

Unfortunately for Munglinup, we decided to go. We returned to camp, packed up the van within twenty minutes and headed towards Esperance. Caroline made a call whilst we were on the top of the hill and secured a spot in a caravan park, moments from the ‘city centre’ of Esperance and within walking distance of the ocean!! A significant step up on Munglinup!

I drove from Munglinup to Esperance, a little over 130kms. In a little over one hour we had arrived at Esperance Bay Holiday Park resort – ‘resort’ used loosely I feel. Nothing like the ‘resort’ lifestyle that both sets of grandparents are accustomed with! With a week to Christmas, in a popular holiday location, we were a little unsure what we would get in terms of caravan sites. In utter amazement, we got the best plot. A corner plot, no through traffic (which means no random people walking through your site) and protected from the wind. A significant step up on Munglinup!

After getting the van sorted (including putting down the new outdoor mat) we walked and scooted to a nearby drinking hole called ‘Taylor’s Beach Bar’, a picturesque bar on the water, which happened to have live music playing. img_2127The girls, particularly Audrey, love doing acrobatics on their scooters on the way into town…think Audrey should do gymnastics!!! Caroline and I sat in the only seats we could find, while Ava and Audrey drove some small kids cars along a path – bumping into patrons who were trying to access the establishment. The TBB, as the locals call it, was heaving! So many people presumably commencing holiday mode – once again being back in civilisation seemed abnormal.img_2128

After the drinks were consumed, we headed back to the caravan for the girls dinner, shortly followed by ours – once the girls had gone to bed. Steak, jacket potato and corn for dinner with a 2010 Sunnyhurst Basket Press Shiraz (the BEST shiraz in WA). A great way to start an evening of blog writing, before getting into some kindle reading. M.A.G.I.C!

2 responses to “Day 44 – Bremer Bay to Munglinup to ??

  1. What a journey guys! (On every level). Thanks for sharing it. Great writing you too – you’ve missed you calling! And how adorable are your girls! Audrey is super flexible! Wow! Precious moment shared. Happy for you guys. Safe travels xx


  2. You obviously made the right decision to move on. Good call.
    Lachlan you must not think about where you are going, only where you are now and the enjoyment each moment brings. I imagine the girls are living for the moment as they are unaware of time. Such happy girls with each apparently building muscles by the day.
    I envy your outdoor lifestyle but also hope it warms up a bit, but in any event I also envy all the knowledge you are accumulating and experiencing from tasting all those little fruits 🍇


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