Day 43 – Bremer Bay & King George

Was the sun going to shine today? That was the first question I had when I woke up this morning after a fantastic nights sleep. Lach did the normal toilet run with the girls and returned saying that it was overcast and not looking good. That didn’t encourage me to get out of bed, anyway by the time I ventured outside closer to 7am, the sun was sticking through the clouds and I put the positive spin on it saying that it was going to be a good day and the sun would come out just like the forecast said. Trixie was hanging upside down this morning doing some acrobatics from the ceiling, both girls thought this was hilarious and noticed that he had used a hair tie to attach himself.


Lach and I have realised that the quickest breakfast for Ava to eat without any encouragement is bacon and egg wraps – she just picks it up and holds it until it is all demolished (not that we are in a rush at all, but its nice to have a meal time without having to encourage / bribe every mouthful in). We had the last of the Beecroft bacon today (the freezer is getting empty) and Ava wanted the wrap, but Audrey opted for just bacon and eggs and toast “no wrap today mummy”. Lach and I of course had toast as we still have the delicious woodfired bread from yesterday.

Lach was talking to our neighbour, Bevan, whilst the children were playing and he suggested that we all head to Little Boat Harbour for a fish and the children can all have a play together. He is an expert fisherman (they bought home 8 King George Whiting yesterday for lunch) and when Lach and him were talking last night Lach realised that his rod is a boat rod and he needs an ocean rod, so before we headed off to meet them at the beach, we ventured to the hardware/camping/fishing/boating shop where Lach bought a new rod, and i bought a huge floor mat for the awning. We have been using our beach mat, and now we need it for the beach. We also popped into the local ‘Op Shop’ to see if we could pick up any warm long sleeve tops – we bought 2 tops for $3 – BARGIN.

We drove down to the stunning beach where Jake and Max were playing in the sand whilst their mum, dad, and pops had their rods out. The girls jumped out of the car as fast as they could and the boys saw them at the same time – the shout of ‘Ava come look at this’ was a really lovely sound to hear across the sound of the waves and the sand squeaking between our toes. Lach set up to the left of the families and the children all built sand castles and mucked around for 2 hours in and out of the rocks and the waves.

The water was ‘fresh’ when your toes first went in, but actually was really lovely. The other family were reeling in fish frequently – King George Whiting – min length allowed to take home are 28cm, and many were thrown back for being 1cm too short. The fine is apparently not worth it, they take away your car/boat immediately if you are caught taking home fish which are not as per the minimum requirements. Lach moved to the right hand side of the beach on the other side of the children playing amongst the rocks, and he eventually bought in a Taylor (too small had to go back) and a Whiting (too small by 1cm had to go back). On the photos we looked at the length of the fish that lach caught and actually he could have kept it. Better to be safe than sorry.


King George Whiting

We packed up our things at 1230 to head back for lunch, to which we were invited to share in the other families fish extravaganza. I had to turn it down for the girls as they needed a feed and sleep asap, as they wanted to go kangaroo spotting tonight around the caravan park and to do that they negotiated a lunchtime sleep. The fish lunch was fantastic – just a breadcrumbed whiting with bread and butter – so simple and delicious.

The afternoon was spent playing in the caravan park and starting new books for Lach and I. We both finished our 7th and 4th books respectively last night (I was a flood with tears with mine) …. The sun shone all afternoon – albeit cold in the shade and only 20 degrees in the sun, but I managed to have a cuppa and read a book in the afternoon sun. – perfect holiday afternoon. At about 2pm the cars and caravans started piling into the caravan park. We literally were surrounded within 2 hours by newcomers, most of whom were arriving in groups. Our neighbours make a cheeky comment that people were arriving in our caravan park…will be a different place tomorrow. We went off for a wood fired pizza for dinner (same place we got the bread from -I think the kangaroos like it here too) and the pizzas were delicious but an hours wait for the pizza was a bit excessive. The people that ordered take-away were definitely given priority. This place does pizza 1 night a week – so no wonder its busy.


The population of Bremer Bay is normally 300, the last few days its been really quiet and we have had the caravan park to ourselves along with maybe 5 other families. Over the next week apparently the population of Bremer Bay will increase to 5,000 and over the next 3 weeks 15,000. Unbelievable that such a surge in population will occur in such a short space of time and then vanish again in a few weeks. When we came back from pizza there were even more people who had arrived. Its really made us appreciate the deserted beaches and places we have seen over the past two weeks, as doing the same route over the next two weeks would be completely different and crowded and noisy. Luckily we are moving even further away from Perth tomorrow and so hopefully it wont be as busy, but appreciate that its now school holidays and xmas in 8 days.

The girls wanted to circumvent the caravan park when we got back to see the kangaroos as well as the xmas lights which the caravan park have put up in the entrance, so we did this before tucking them in at 8pm. A noisy park tonight and lots of vans and tents with xmas lights and even one has a tree outside.


Bremer Bay Caravan Park Xmas Lights

Tomorrow we are off to Munglinup, but first we need to buy some groceries en route else we have no food to get us through to Xmas, so we need to leave here at 9am to get to the only town en route by midday when the IGA closes.

One response to “Day 43 – Bremer Bay & King George

  1. Sounds as though there will be Christmas lights competitions going on in the caravan parks. You may need to up your game. Maybe a Christmas tree is a strop too far though.
    Kangaroos a plenty and in daylight. Still waiting to see camels (I know – not where you are).
    Hope the pizza was worth waiting for …..
    By the time you read this it will be only 1 week to Christmas, how time flies when having fun.


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