Day 54 – Eucla to Ceduna – Farewell WA

Another breakfast, another beautiful view. I set up the table and chairs to maximise our viewpoint of this majestic landscape. We ate earlier than we had over the last few weeks, probably due to the difference in time zones. A simple breakfast of toast and crumpets with a coffee in hand. Such a lovely way to start the day.

Our neighbours Andrew and Kylie left quite early, around 5.15am, to drive to Ceduna for a flight to Brisbane. In such a difficult time for their family, we are thankful that they were contactable in Eucla. If they received the call two days prior, there would have been a good chance they wouldn’t have received the call to head to Brisbane. Staying in contact with them today, we believe they made it to Ceduna with enough time to catch their flight. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andrew, Kylie and their family!

Back on the Eyre highway for our final stretch of the Nullarbor. We were preparing ourselves to say farewell to Western Australia. Thanks to my amazing wife, we were suitably prepared for crossing the border to South Australia. Caroline had the snacks and lunch prepared to ensure all offending fruit and vegetables were consumed prior to crossing the quarantine point. Today’s drive was 497 kilometres, with Caroline taking the drivers seat today.

The drive across the remaining component of the Nullarbor allowed us to familiarise ourselves once again with the landmarks we experienced on our maiden voyage. Nullarbor Roadhouse and the Great Australian Bight, where over a month ago I was limping about with a damaged calf muscle, the windmills of Penong and a reminder of how dramatically the scenery changed at Ceduna when departing the Eyre Highway. In some respects I am happy that we have completed the Nullarbor component of our trip. It means we now say farewell to Western Australia, the beautiful coastlines and vineyards and can eagerly look forward to saying hello to South Australia and some amazing Shiraz!

During our drive we had good intentions of hanging up our Christmas decorations that had remained fixed to the front of our car since Margaret River. Attaching them like so many other Nullarbor travellers had done previously to a tree en-route. Our return trip on the Nullarbor was different to our initial experience over a month ago – we only spotted one tree decorated with old tin cans and another tree I have affectionately named the ‘boobie tree’, which had around five bras hanging from it’s branches. Realising that someone has to come past and take down these tree decorations, we decided that it would be best not to leave our decorations on the Nullarbor, rather disposing of them accordingly in a bin in Ceduna.

Arriving at Shelly Beach Caravan Park, Ceduna, we have treated ourselves to a campsite with an ensuite – a free standing bathroom that is at the rear of our caravan, equipped with a clean shower, toilet and basin. It may not sound like a too bigger deal, but having our own bathroom so accessible with no need to wait for a shower or a bathroom (and the possibility of not showering with thongs “flip flops” on) is one of camping life’s simple treasures!


Shelly Beach, Ceduna

Crossing the Nullarbor slightly quicker than we anticipated, I think there will be a few amendments to our course over the next few days. Our new plan is to spend the next two nights in Ceduna, one in Kimba and a few nights in Burra (approximately 50kms from the Clare Valley) for a spot of wine tasting before more wine tasting in Barossa and Mclaren Vale!

2 responses to “Day 54 – Eucla to Ceduna – Farewell WA

  1. On the journey home, sad in many ways for you and your family but lovely for us that we know you will be back in Beecroft in the near future. This is all happening as Hamish, Kirsty, Linda and Dexter are preparing for their move to Queensland, they won’t be around the corner something that we have enjoyed over the past few years.
    New challenges for them and especially Hamish settling in to a new lifestyle,and new friends. We spent a lovely evening with them last night after we had worked at 361 for the day, we wish them well and a safe trip as they travel north.

    We were assisted at 361 by Al, Marjo and Sacha which was fabulous as I continued the sorting, washing and packing of China for auction. Al helped Dad sort and pack books, photos still finding amazing things out about Grandfather JBStVW. Marjo was kept busy with a very busy little Sacha. We enjoyed a lovely picnic under the Plane tree in Gran’s back garden which is looking so beautiful. Al, Marjo and Sacha had a swim, so good that the pool is being used.
    You will get such a surprise when you see how Sacha has grown into this very active little girl even learning to climb up on Gran’s camphor wood chest, standing up and clapping herself at her achievements. Marjo is kept busy watching Sacha while we are working.

    On to your day, the photos are much appreciated, Ava and Audrey both looking so relaxed and so settled in their outback life, you will all miss the beautiful scenery that Australia provides even across the Nullabor. We asked Linda if she sees many camels where she is working in the outback and she says heaps, so one would presume they are living more in the centre of Austraalia rather than where you have been travelling.

    Reading of your adventures it really is enticing and you wonder, could we do it, unfortunately we have probably left it a little late as Dad’s ankle is not up to it but it has been so wonderful that you have shared your journey with us all.

    I believe it’s going to be very hot here today so we will have a day of catching up at home, seeing Mum and probably a little down time which we really need. Maybe a reward of watching a movie in the comfort of our own home.

    Safe travels, we so enjoy reading about your daily adventures first thing each morning with that ever so important cup of tea.
    Love you all
    Mum,Rosie,Nanna xxxx


  2. Late responding to the blog as busy 2nd Christmas Day and having played games with Ranulph and Inés. Sounds as though you have enjoyed another lovely day and great to see more beautiful photos.
    I’m listening to Inés and Ava having a conversation which is lovely as they are discussing the day ahead – shell hunting etc.


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