Day 55 – Ceduna – Cleaning day

After a really warm evening and the fact it didn’t get dark until 10pm, it was all a bit confusing. So we ended up going to bed a lot later than usual and it took the girls along time to sleep too – 2.5hr time difference is a real pain! This meant however that Ava didn’t wake until 7am and went off with Lach for some bread, and Audrey woke at 8am with me. A lovely sleep in. I awoke to Lach and Ava on FaceTime to my parents and Nicki and Ines – who had just celebrated their Christmas together. Ines had some fantastic news to tell us that they are all going to come over to Sydney to visit us around Xmas time next year – dates to be confirmed. The girls were overjoyed and Audreys initial comment was “Ines you can see the Teddy you bought me for my birthday” closely followed by whether Ranulph would play with Elsa, and Ava’s reaction was about showing bedrooms and sharing toys and then was concerned that Ranulph wouldn’t have enough boy toys around, and whether Mia could come over for a play date as Ines will like Mia. It’s so exciting knowing that they are all coming out to visit together and at last we can share the excitement with the girls. I know its 12months away and such a big year for us with Ava starting school – but I cant wait to have the Chicks over here in their entirety.

I cooked a yummy breakfast of Eggs, Bacon and Chorizo on the BBQ – delicious, then I had a really long shower in our en-suite which entailed getting in and out of the shower without flip-flops as well as being able to get dressed without balancing and trying to avoid dry clothes touching wet floor. Such a pleasure. We decided that the day would be a relaxed on and getting some jobs done – mainly shopping and cleaning the car. There was a Truck and Car wash in Ceduna which we drove into with a revolting dirty car inside and out – emptied it out and removed all of the bugs (big and small), red dust and white sand, then drove away 30mins later with a near spotless car, but not spotless enough for Lach, so he then cleaned all of the inside surfaces with armour-oil back at the caravan park. The car literally looked like new.img_2518

In the meantime I made lunch and the girls then went to sleep, whilst I decided to attempt some bread on the Weber. The recipe was the same as I use at home (which works really well) but it didn’t want to work here – the yeast didn’t activate at all – so the bread didn’t rise, but I thought i would cook it anyway. The BBQ was being really temperamental I assumed due to the wind, but after the bread had been on for about 20mins it was still like dough, the heat just wasn’t there – the gas ran out!!!! So I changed over the gas bottles and thought that slow-cooked, low-heat bread, with a final high heat finale might not be so good – it was actually OK and Lach had it for his burger. I did some googling and apparently if there is any chlorine or bacteria in the water (which there most likely is around here due to the water from the taps being rain water) that it will instantly kill the yeast. Thanks Google – wont be trying that again unless we use bottled water for bead making whilst on our travels.

Whilst I was reading my kindle in the sun, the girls slept, and Lach did some exercise – I felt guilty watching him, but then my book is too good to give up reading in the sun in silence whilst the girls sleep – so I continued. Once Lach finished he asked me for the fairy liquid (washing up liquid) as he wanted to clean the van. So he spent the following 1.5hours cleaning the van with pure elbow grease – no power hoses – just water and fairy and a mop and cloth. It looks like we haven’t even left home and haven’t done any travelling. I didn’t like it dirty, but now it looks too clean. I am sure after a few days back on the road it will start to look dusty again and used. Fantastic job Lach – I did make a comment whilst sitting reading that he had missed a bit – his sense of humour was close to not being a sense of humour at all.img_2519

The girls played around the caravan site this afternoon running in and out of bushes pretending they were gardens and cubby houses. They then played hide and seek and showed me all the great spots on my guided tour. When Lach was shown the spots, he was concerned about snakes, so the girls played a bit closer to home after that.

Burgers for dinner, followed by a lovely evening in the sun with a glass of Chardonnay from Sunnyhurst – so nice being able to sit outside with the sun still having some warmth in it (albeit a tad windy – this wind seriously does follow us around Australia). Before the girls went to bed, we had another FaceTime to the UK so that we could wish Ranulph a Merry Christmas (he was in bed last night when they called), he showed us his presents and let Audrey know that he wouldn’t play with Elsa, however Ines said that she would so Audrey was happy.

We head off to Kimba tomorrow – the town that’s exactly half way across Australia.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Andrew and his family today.


5 responses to “Day 55 – Ceduna – Cleaning day

  1. Marvellous.
    Enjoying reading about your exploits. Not to sure where you picked up the Lead Guitarist from ZZTop from.. There’s no mention of trading Lachlan in for him though..

    Either that or he’s Jasper Beardly.. Does he run around saying, ‘that’s a paddling…?’


  2. Just catching up on the news of the day. So pleased that you are getting ready for our arrival, clean car and van.
    Such wonderful news that the UK relatives are coming down under to experience an Auzzie Christmas, before during or after we are really excited for you all and we are looking forward to,sharing special family times together.
    The photos of the girls are great and a wonderful one of Lachlan cleaning the van, my goodness Lachlan you are like your Dad, always busy.
    Had a lovely visit with Gran who was so pleased to hear from you this afternoon. She is so impressed that you are still calling her while on your travels.
    Off to sleep now another busy day tomorrow.
    Love to,you all
    Mum,Rosie,Nanna xxxx


  3. We have very excited children in this household today. Inés keeps smiling and saying she is going to Australia next Christmas and can’t believe how long she has to wait. She was so excited about being able to tell Ava and Audrey. It was so funny during the FaceTime listening to the children. Ava was definitely the organiser as discussing sleeping arrangements whilst playing was definitely Audrey’s first thought. It was beautiful the way she immediately mentioned the teddy bought for her birthday by Inés and Ranulph.
    Lachie – so impressed with cleaning the car and the caravan, you must be careful if it rains and avoid all the puddles; the red dust will be enough to give a different glow to both. Is this its last clean before meeting up with Nanna and Grandpa?
    Caroline – What is the title of your current book? Might need to add that to my list as well as the Oceans and the Project ones.
    All our love and now with the children all in on what was our secret counting the days (or at least Inés is) to next Christmas. XXXX


    • It was actually your van that inspired us to clean ours – yours looked clean!
      Wish we could take your van to Adelaide for you so you don’t need the extra connection when you come back – should have thought of that earlier.
      See you back on the road soon.


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