Day 59 – Burra to Barossa with the BFG

After a lovely few days in Burra, we woke at the civilised time of 7.15am. A relaxing breakfast outside, both girls requesting their favourite fruit of the season, mango. Caroline had arranged our final wine tasting for Clare Valley before making our it to our final destination for the next few days, Barossa Valley.

We packed the van and headed into Burra for one last time to have a coffee in town and a stroll down the town centre – the main road running from Burra to Clare Valley. Strolling around the quaint shops that were open, Caroline found a lovely little homeware shop similar to some of the shops we have in Beecroft. Caroline fell in love with a small tin Rooster (otherwise known as a Cockrel by my English side of the family) advising me that it “should be another Christmas present for her”. With that said we left Burra having a lovely relaxing start to the new year, leaving the Cockrel in the caravan for our trip to the Barossa.


Burra Rotunda

Next stop, Clare Valley. With Caroline at the wheel we made good time to Sevenhill Hotel. An understated building from the roadside, which was quite beautiful inside. The building included a cellar that was below street level – the location of our personalised tasting with Bill from Talbots Block, as they don’t have their own cellar door.

I discovered Talbots block whilst doing research on single vineyard/boutique wines for our time in Clare Valley. Talbots Block, who’s tagline is ‘seriously good shiraz’, prides itself on ONLY producing shiraz, committing all of it’s five hectares to the production of shiraz. Vines were planted in 1998 and they provide two levels of shiraz, both of which are extremely well priced. The Prince, a 9 month lightly oaked shiraz, using old oak barrels. The wine itself didn’t have much of a nose and fantastically balanced on the palate. Dark berries. Blackberry and blueberry. A very well structured wine indeed!

Their premium wine, The Sultan was more complex than the Prince, matured for 21 months in 1/3 old oak (50:50 French:American). The Sultan was more aromatic than the Prince, however not as hard hitting as some of the bolder shiraz we are accustomed to. Rather than being seen as a negative, I would put the ‘note’ of this wine down to the finesse with which it is created. A bolder dark fruit flavoured wine with more structure, lightly oaked and well balanced. I can summarise my tasting experience of Talbot Block in two words. Seriously YUM!

Our experience with Bill from Talbot Block was what we look for in a wine tasting. A personalised experience with a passionate wine maker. It is lovely gaining an insight into the journey of wine from grape to our cellar. We were so pleased with the shiraz we sampled today, another case will be making it’s way home. We bought both the;

  • 2014 Talbots Block The Prince Shiraz
  • 2013 Talbots Block The Sultan Shiraz

We left Clare Valley and continued an hour down the road to the Barossa Valley – amazingly we are still extremely excited to get some hands on experience with the wines of this famous region. Arriving at the Discovery Parks – Barossa Valley caravan park, we once again were entering ‘civilisation’. The camp was packed, most probably due to the new waterpark they have added and time of year! After setting up the caravan and eating a quick lunch, the girls and I were extremely keen to experience the water park. There were water pistols projecting water everywhere, two tame slides that led to a reserve of water at the base and a huge bucket that slowly filled with water and dumped it all over anyone unlucky to be underneath the splash zone. For the brave there was a dark purple twisty slide that propelled the rider down a four metre drop. Ava unwillingly joined me on the purple slide. Her hand gripped mine with all the force she could muster. At the mouth of the slide Ava decided she no longer wanted to go on the ‘purple slide’. After a little gentle persuasion from me, Ava went on the purple slide and loved it!

Audrey on the other hand was not as keen to ride on the purple slide. I wanted her to experience the ride and carried her all the way – she started to get anxious when we were closer to the start of the ride. Clinging onto me like a koala does to a eucalyptus tree I persuaded Audrey with the promise that ‘daddy would never do anything to hurt her’. She took onboard my promise and hung tight and gripped onto her nose (advice I learnt later on that was passed onto her by Mummy). We completed the purple slide with no accidents and while Audrey bravely completed the slide, I don’t think she will willingly go on the slide again.

We have been at the caravan park  for just a little over three hours. In that time we have been to the waterpark twice, the pool once and showered before having dinner. Nanna and Grandpa should be landing in Adelaide shortly to join us tomorrow for the next week – should be an eye opening experience for these seasoned travellers!! We have a great position where we can have no-one in front of us just grass and play areas, swimming pool and water park – what a great position!!

Signing off early tonight with some pasta for dinner and a delicious bottle of 2012 Chardonnay from Sunnyhurst. With any luck the girls will be tired and keen to go to bed on time. Rumour is the caravan park is playing a movie tonight, just outside our spot. The BFG I believe, one of my favourite books when I was a child – looking forward to watching it! We can even lie in bed and watch it….

One response to “Day 59 – Burra to Barossa with the BFG

  1. Not only can Lachie take up writing but you outdo both arrange Australian Wine Tasting Courses as once you have completed your 3 months in the caravan between you the winelands of Aus will have been fully covered. Lachie – The Hunter and Caroline – Tasmania. Such knowledge should be put to good use; even if that means only drinking the stuff 🍷🍷🍷
    The water park looks truly fantastic so the girls must be ecstatic and the big kid too, of course!!! Did you book the pitch you wanted? If not you must be very lucky to have been given the one you have with viewsin front of you as the photo of Ava with her pasta shows just how busy the park is.
    Now onto the vineyards of the Barossa with John and Rosie – mmmm that could be interesting with J & R knowing SO much about their favourite area and producers. Caroline – make sure you get your opportunities to taste as well, remember the designated driver changes each day or will you find a driver?
    Lachie – enjoy the film this evening, only one more sleep until you see Mummy and Daddy. Ava and Audrey will be so excited when they wake up asking “how long before we see Nanna and Grandpa?” I know how much J&R are looking forward to seeing you.
    Only another year until we see you too. (Too long). 😥


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