Day 60 – Barossa – Beattie’s in full strength

After dinner last night we had an early evening where Lach made himself comfortable ready to watch the BFG from our verandah and I got comfortable reading my book. However 30mins before the movie started a ‘Hot Donut’ van arrived right in front of us, so it didn’t take much for Lach to be persuaded to buy a bag of 6 for $5. Delicious. Lach watched the movie and I then moved into bed as I was cold and unzipped the bedroom window so I could watch the movie in bed – however my book had me hooked and so ended up not watching the movie. Ava admitted in the morning that she had watched some of the movie through her vent – she was very chuffed with herself.img_2541

After a great nights sleep by me, but not so good by Lach, the whole caravan waking at 730am is bliss, shortly followed by a cup of tea in bed. What a perfect way to start the day. The day which Nanna and Grandpa arrive to come and join us for a week to experience camping (albeit their version of camping is a cabin in a caravan park).

We had the girls favourite breakfast, bacon and egg wraps, cooked by Lach. Then headed of for a walk into town to get a map of the vineyards from the tourist office, where both girls wanted specific photos taken, and then had their own table at the cafe. The girls scooted and Audrey stacked it with her head bashing the pavement – luckily she was wearing her helmet as that broke and not her head.


When we got back to the caravan park the girls and Lach got changed to go for a play in the water park, whilst I went to the office to get some sausages for lunch. I turned around in the office to see Grandpa standing behind me. I walked over and I actually don’t think he recognised me first up as he looked straight through me. After I poked him to say hello, first he commented how brown I was and then a hello. I quickly went outside to say hi to Nanna who was in the car and then thought I better run and get the girls dry so that when they saw Nanna and Grandpa they would be able to give them a ‘warm dry’ hug rather than a ‘cold wet’ one. Luckily Lach was still putting sunscreen on them, so we walked over quickly to the office and there were big ‘coconut’ hugs all around. It’s so lovely to see them and can’t believe it’s been over 8 weeks since we last saw them. We all walked to their cabin and realised that Nanna and Grandpa really are having a gentle introduction to camping…… a 3 bed villa which is nearing brand new, with garage, air-con, dishwasher, and coffee machine. Lach joked about them slumming it – it’s actually the opposite. After the girls undid N&G’s suitcases they discovered their Christmas presents – so there was a flurry of wrapping paper, squeals as well as adult conversations about what the next few days plans are.

Eventually we all walked over to our caravan so that the girls could show N&G our home and then go in the water park whilst I made lunch for us all. Ava and Lach went down the ‘purple’ slide and all Grandpa could see at the bottom was Lach’s head with Ava’s feet.

We ate our lunch with a lovely bottle of 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from Dorham in the Clare. When I did this tasting I really liked this one compared to the others, but also felt compelled to buy it as we had been there so long. Anyway when we drank it today, all of the Beattie’s were really impressed with it, it was better than I remembered it from the tasting too, and Lach commented that when being the designated it’s hard to really appreciate the wines.

After lunch we went to the supermarket to get our supplies for the next few days. The girls having a trolley each and Lach and I didn’t have to push – how nice is that. All the girls want is Nanna and Grandpa – which is a lovely reprieve for Lach and I.

We then went to the bottle shop to buy some necessary gin and beers. N&G remembered a bottleshop from about 16 years ago that was old 3 story house that was very rickety and wanted to see if it was still around. It was…. Tanunda Cellars…. but in a very different form. Some of the original house is still at the front, but the rest of it has been renovated. This was the place that they discovered Laughing Jack. A wine that is now in constant at Eastwood.

After an afternoon of swimming and water parks and playground Audrey fell asleep on me for about 15mins to recharge. A big day for the girls seeing Nanna and Grandpa today and all of the excitement.

I mentioned to Lach today that we need to make sure that we still capture all of our tasting notes on the wines we have bought as we will get through a lot of wines over the next week. When N&G came over after their afternoon snooze we offered Nanna a Gin and Tonic in a can – she was not impressed “it’s just not right” were the exact words. Grandpa had a beer in a Nullarbor stubby holder.

After the girls are in bed we will have a lovely dinner of steak and jacket potatoes with a bottle of Talbots Block The Sultan 2013… although I am sure we will get through a couple tonight.

Tomorrow we plan to do some of the ‘bigger’ vineyards as well as Rochfords. A good nights sleep needed by all ready to commence the Barossa tastings.

2 responses to “Day 60 – Barossa – Beattie’s in full strength

  1. Today we woke up in The Playford a quaint hotel in North Terrace where we arrived yesterday late afternoon. Unfortunately I was not that well and managed not only to make the flight but also dinner which I was not really up to but did my best desperate for my bed I woke quite a lot better but still not 100 per cent but we are so looking forward to meeting up with our family who we have not seen for over 2 months .
    Nonna I wanted to let you know we kissed Ava and Audrey then I told them that I had been asked to give them kisses from Nonna and Gramps.
    I was half way through writing this before Nonna’s comment appeared as I had to stop for our dinner of steak, onions, corn and potatoes so she responded before me, no doubt about you Nonna. We have had a really lovely relaxing day, lots of special family time. Sitting drinking shut the Gate rated 7/10 the one before was Talbots block rated 9/10 .
    What a lovely way to start our holiday Caroline is researching our visits tomorrow, looking to be a good day
    The girls are just looking so well and happy with their amazing adventure
    Our home is lovely can totally recommend it to anyone wishing a bit of adventure
    Comment of the day” people watching is a wonderful way to pass the time”
    Written by Rosie on John’s phone


  2. Hello Beattie Clan – How exciting – Nanna and Grandpa’s arrival. The girls will keep them very busy, so with that and the vineyards, wine tastings, they will need another rest after their week in a caravan park. But it is said that a change is as good as a rest.
    Sorry to hear about Audrey’s fall; an extremely good reason to show the girls just how important it is to wear a helmet. Obviously a replacement needed; I wonder what will be the colour of choice…
    Love the photo on the purple slide with different head and feet. You couldn’t have done that if you tried.
    Enjoy your week together. Love to all.


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