Day 74 – Robe to Lake Yambuk

After resting/sleeping from around 2.30pm till 6.30am the next morning, I was feeling considerably better compared to yesterday. When I woke Caroline said we could stay another day in Robe until I felt better, or head on to Yambuk. I knew that I wasn’t fit enough to drive but felt that I had enough in the tank to co-pilot. So today we were to leave South Australia behind us and head into Victoria.

The drive today was around 350km and the girls were extremely well behaved for the trip. We drove through many pine forests before arriving at Mount Gambier to have a sticky beak at Blue Lake. After speaking with Gran Gran a few days ago, she advised me that she had been there many years ago and it was worth a visit.

Caroline masterfully parked the caravan in a suburban street and we walked around the corner to Blue Lake. Bec, one of our friendly neighbours from the caravan park in Robe described Blue Lake as “it is like someone picked out the brightest blue they could find and dropped it into the lake”. After seeing the lake from one of the lookouts, I think Bec described Blue Lake perfectly.

Picture the most vivid blue that you have seen, almost an unnaturally bright blue, surrounded by green shrubs. The lake itself is a crater within the Mount Gambier volcanic complex, that formed when rising red-hot molten rock encountered groundwater held in the surrounding limestone.

The Blue Lake crater forms a ‘window’ into the regional underground water system contained in the Gambier limestone. Each year the lake changes from grey to azure/sky blue from November and back again from March. This colour change is attributed to the absorption of all but the blue wave-lengths of light by the warm water in summer. The water from Blue Lake is used as drinking water supplying water for residents of the Mount Gambier region.

Version 2

Blue Lake, Mount Gambier

We continued southwards towards Yambuk. Not really much to report on the road trip today. We saw more road kill, like we had seen on our first trip from Victoria to New South Wales. No living creatures, just some poor kangaroos that should have kept clear of the oncoming traffic. After a few hours of driving we arrived at the town of Yambuk, the township defined by a general store and a very cute pub. A few kilometres down the road and we were at the caravan park – a small park overlooking the lake and within walking distance of the beach.

After parking the van in a spot I would rate as a 9 out of 10 for difficulty, a small site with a coach in front that has been converted into a mobile home, I cleared the bus by mere centimetres and avoided the guy ropes of the tent on the right hand side of our site. One thing that has amazed us with caravan parks during the holiday period is how intent people are in occupying all the ‘real estate’ of their lots. Caravans and tents taking up all the land within the lot, guy ropes encroaching over into neighbouring lots. Upon arriving at Yambuk Lake we had two cars within our spots, one parked in the middle which was moved quickly, with another on the border. Caravan life hey!!

We wandered around the camp ground doing our usual walk around the camp site to review the facilities before walking around the area to check out the lake and the beach before starting dinner. I think it will be a quiet night tonight, head to bed early so we can explore Port Fairy and the Twelve Apostles tomorrow!

One response to “Day 74 – Robe to Lake Yambuk

  1. One feels that because you are back in Victoria the internet signals should be good, ridiculous thought I know but on the other hand you are now heading into a much more tourist area than many of the places previously visited.
    Lachie – sounds as though you are not fully recovered yet so hope after another good nights sleep you wake up tomorrow feeling on top of the world; sorry should have said the bottom of the world!! Surely other than Tassie you don’t get much further south than the GOR.
    Good parking again, you have certainly had some challenges along the way. Golly when you get back home driving you will still expect to see the caravan following you.
    Hope your photos show the true colour of the lake as it sounds amazing. Also hope the girls had a playground at the caravan park to let off some steam as they had been so good on the journey.


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