Day 73 – Robe – Sunshine and Sickness

After a really peaceful evening at the beautiful caravan park we awoke and decided a day relaxing and soaking up the beautiful weather was in order.

We all had a bacon and egg wrap to set us up for the day – and headed to the jetty so that Lach could get some fishing done. The local street map even stipulates what fish you catch where. We were aiming for whiting so off we went. On the way to the jetty we came across the remains of an Old Goal as well as a beautiful lookout at the headland and an Obelisk. The views were incredible.

You could see Long Beach, where we went yesterday, and it just goes on and on with loads of cars parked the whole 12km. An odd sight. Lach drove around to the jetty from the headland, but the girls wanted to walk so we walked along the coastal track.


The jetty already had a family fishing and they were only pulling in small juvenile fish – Ruffa’s, flatheads and a tiny puffa fish. Lach set up and cast out. After an hour of no luck at all, a 3rd family came and had pippies as bait, they started catching, then a 4th family (who had all new equipment for Xmas) came with pippies as well, they started catching too. None of what anyone caught was big enough to keep. Lach said another 15mins and he would call it a day so we could head to lunch. He had his first bite of the day – a ruffa, then immediately followed by a flathead (which Audrey pulled in) and then we packed up and headed to an early lunch. Maybe the locals knew that pippies were the right bait – we offered our bait to a newcomer and he took it reluctantly when he knew what it was (pilchards and squid)…

We went to lunch at the Caledonian Inn – which is historic english style pub built in 1858 and beautifully restored, its also owned by a friend of ours parents – they weren’t around but we sat outside and had a lovely lunch – however Lach then started to feel unwell.img_2602

We finished our lunch and had promised the girls an ice-cream and playground, so headed up to an amazing ice-cream shop before the playground at the forefront, at which point Lach was heading downhill. We weren’t sure what was the matter apart from he didn’t feel well – maybe sun or steak from last night? – so we headed back to the van for an afternoon snooze to hopefully recharge the batteries.

Lach and the girls had a snooze whilst I read my book in the sun – it’s been 28 today and perfect blue skies – the girls woke and Lach was worse. So the girls and I did some craft outside, moving the table into the shade under the trees, before we were invited to a campsite a few down where the little girls had a paddling pool set up. They loved jumping in the water and the parents had even bought water pistols for them all. A couple of hours of entertainment before we needed to head back for dinner.img_2603

The girls and I finished our craft and then had a simple dinner of sausages whilst Lach slept. The girls have been great always checking on Daddy to make sure he is ok.

A very relaxing day but unfortunately we didn’t make it down to the beach – luckily we weren’t driving today so hopefully Lach can sleep this bug off and we will be ready to set off tomorrow to Yambuk.

2 responses to “Day 73 – Robe – Sunshine and Sickness

  1. Sounds like a perfect day, sorry Lach is sick and hope he wakes a new man today. Sounds like a virus of some form or maybe too much sun while fishing, so easy to do.
    Gran was so pleased to hear from Lach yesterday. We did another session at 361 in the afternoon, everything labelled for the Removalists on Friday and the destinations. Thirty boxes packed with books, China, silver and household goods. It’s coming to an end, a final few things to be done then we will have our lives back again. We could not have done it without all the help we have had right from that very first Saturday which we call “grenade day” until now.
    Today I hope you like wake up well and ready to co tinge the last leg of your trip. It’s been the best experience but I. Sure you are all ready to return to your beautiful home and of course Jack, how amazing has he been.
    Love to you all
    Mum, Nanna, Rosie xxxx


  2. So sorry that Lachie is not well, I hope too that he will be fine when he wakes tomorrow, also that if it is a bug that C,A & A don’t catch it, especially as living in such close quarters.
    Your day sounds lovely and again more children for Ava and Audrey to play with. Considering how long you have been away the weather has been very kind to you. It is a good job that it will still be summer when you return otherwise you might take time to adjust to a different climate. The adjustment to w and school will be enough to cope with.
    Still another 10 years and you can do it again!!!!
    Monday morning here – dark and wet, very miserable. xxxx


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