Day 22 – Kalgoorlie to Wave Rock

What are flies good for? Seriously!

After a lovely breakfast in Kalgoorlie in the camp kitchen of the caravan park, it dawned upon me that for the last forty odd years I thought that Kalgoorlie was spelt kal-gool-ie (just as it sounds). Honestly why does the ‘r’ need to be included? It doesn’t have any significance as far as I am concerned. Kal-goo-r-lie…!!!

We left Kalgoorlie heading towards Wave Rock, an approximate 500km journey just before 9am. Originally we planned to take all the sealed roads, from Kalgoorlie to Merredin then from Merredin to Wave Rock, however Caroline had learnt we could take a short cut. Rather than travel to Merredin, we took a minor ‘sealed’ road according to Hema called “Emu Fence Road”.

Turning onto Emu Fence Road was definitely another magical experience for us. While the road composition was generally well compacted, it ranged from gravel to sand and a composite of red earth and gravel roads. It added the element of uncertainty, along with the right bit of danger – not knowing whether we would be stranded, blow a tyre or something else. This road, whilst being totally safe in retrospect, definitely took me out of my comfort zone – something I am really enjoying on this trip! I hope some of the pictures will do this road some justice. Spectacular colours, yellow sandy roads, followed by orange, while the sky was a brilliant blue dotted by a few clouds. Whilst travelling along this road (approximately 150kms in distance) I saw signs along the way saying “State Barrier Fence”. Recalling back on my well spent education, I knew that we were still within the boundaries of Western Australia.

When we arrived in Wave Rock, Caroline used the power of the almighty Google and discovered that the “State Barrier Fence” used to be named the “Rabbit Proof Fence”. I suppose it makes sense! We didn’t see any roadkill along that stretch of road – the fences were doing their work!

Thanks to Caroline for the shortcut, we arrived in Wave Rock Caravan Park probably two hours earlier than we would have if we used the sealed roads. This meant that we could all escape the heat of the day, hitting around 37 degrees and no wind, by jumping in the swimming pool. Like a duck to water I was in the pool, this time I was extremely pleased that all three girls got in the pool and had a good swim. A special mention to Audrey! I am sure she will sleep extremely well tonight. Holding onto her noodle, she did a magnificent job of circumnavigating the pool multiple times. Her little legs furiously kicking in the water, propelling her small frame swiftly along the surface.

For dinner we cracked out the Weber we purchased for the trip and cooked our first roast. Actually Caroline cooked the first roast, while I took the girls for their second swim! Marinated roast beef in garlic and red wine sauce with roast potatoes and carrots. YUM! We opened a bottle that had been saved for some time, graciously given to us by one of our Beecroft friends Ranjit and Kaj. A bon voyage present. Totally unnecessary, but absolutely loved by C and I. A beautiful South Australian, 2014 Dead Letter Office, Shiraz. Thank you Ranjit and Kaj, I am enjoying the final glass whilst writing the blog.

Sitting in the caravan writing the blog, the dulcet tones of a Bob Marley song are playing in the distance while some ‘professional’ imports are kicking a soccer ball. Their ‘shagon wagons’ and their lady counterparts patiently awaiting their return from soccer at the other end of the park. Ava and Audrey are having a ball, playing a game called ‘octopus’, a version of Marco Polo the Beattie boys played over numerous summers in the family pool. It will be fantastic sleeping for the girls tonight!

So, back to my original question. What are flies good for? We have been molested, yes molested by flies the entire day. It seems when there is no wind, there is an abundance of flies!  Take the girls to the toilet or a bush wee (yes Nanna, bush wee and poos are common, particularly for Audrey) and flies attack. Stop for lunch along the side of Emu Fence Road. Flies! Have dinner outside. Flies pestering your food, entering your mouth and nostrils. Yes nostrils! I have had to exhale strongly twice already through my nose to get the little blighters out!!  So what are flies for, if only to annoy you and remind you that there is no wind outside. A final thank you note to Nonna and Gramps who’s present of a wine aerator a few years ago came in handy with the delicious Shiraz we had, not only was it a fantastic means of allowing the wine to breathe, it prevented flies from drowning in a fantastic bottle of wine!!

Final note for the evening. Girls in bed and the ritualistic call from Audrey. “Poo, Poo”. Caroline takes her willingly to the toilets. Upon the unsuccessful return, Caroline comments to Audrey “That is the last time tonight Audrey, don’t say you need to go to the toilet if you don’t need to go”. Audrey’s reply “Don’t shout at me mummy, I am just a little girl”. Audrey dropped the mic!

2 responses to “Day 22 – Kalgoorlie to Wave Rock

  1. Good morning from Sydney Australia, we slept in! Must be tired or getting a bit long in the tooth to go to parties, it was a good night despite both being a littl tired and wanting to sit down and not stand. We had had an exciting day firstly with the Open House at Gran’s with lots through again, we sit opposite an keep an eye on the place through the trees as the garage is open and we have some furniture stored there. Will get the little tables today, will send a photo and you can choose. Then to arrive home to the drama of the eight fire engines, police and people everywhere. Sigh of relief it was not our home but our neighbours massive garage fire extending extensively to their house.
    We went and supported them, took them drinks, checked from Charles and Abbey’s back yard, to discover it was still smoking really badly and we alerted the fireman, therefore the sleep we had planned did not happen. The funniest thing which made us laugh was Michelle came up glass of white wine in hand to see what was going on. Hugged everyone including the fireman, met Abbey who she referred to as the bride, Charles wife of thre plus years! Bless Michell a short time after arrived with a bottle of red,ham, bread, and slow roasted lamb, they had their work Christmas party on. She is a trick but adorable and a heart of gold. Amazing how something happens and the street becomes alive.
    Now onto to you, a great Blog, I can see it will ne necessary to invest in nets and corks for your hats, do you remember that in Cadets, the corks give the flies one big head ache as they try to attack you eyes and nose and be so foul to try to enter your mouth!!
    Nonna we too sae the film and it was fabulous and gave you a real understand to the isolation that outback Australia can present.
    The road and surrounding looked amazing and well done, certainly know about comfort zones.
    My goodness Audrey is growing up and she is really going to give you both a bit to handle as she grows up, sure Nonna knows just what I mean with that “look” when she does not like what you have said.. So lovely to see the girls getting in and playing with the other children and enjoyed the swim, always with beautiful smiles.
    Off to Northbridge for another day off sorting, Al and Marjo and of course Sacha are coming to help us.
    Love to you all, have a wonderful safe day exploring
    Nonna love reading your comments as well, they are great and we miss you too.
    Rosie xxxx

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  2. More wonderful tales of the unexpected.
    Did you see the film of The Rabbit Proof Fence? It was great especially as based on a true story.
    Seems as though your leg is now working Lachie – good job you didn’t cut it off.
    Flies – yuk – memories of Uluru. Do you have nets? Caroline, when we were in WA someone said there is a month when the flies are terrible, but I thought that was January.
    Just had the northern cousins for lunch, lovely day. They send their love.
    Blog is great. Love ❤️

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