Day 23 -Surf’s up at Wave Rock

Bacon and eggs on the BBQ before heading out to Wave Rock and Hippo’s Yawn. It was around 9am, no wind, plenty of flies and sitting on 33 degrees, with an estimated top temperature of 40 degrees.

Sunscreen on, water check, hats check. Wave rock was approximately 100 metres beyond the back of the campground, so we decided to hit that first, then take the 1.2km hike to Hippo’s Yawn. Two naturally formed granite monuments as a result of an estimated 60 million years of water and wind erosion.

Wave Rock definitely exceeded my expectations. Being a lover of the ocean and all things ‘water’, it was fantastic to have a reminder of the ocean, particularly when we are a few hundred kilometers from the coast!  A perfectly formed wave, around 14 meters in height and over 100 meters in length. The rock reminded me of many family holidays in Broadbeach when I was younger, lying on a boogie board waiting to catch the perfect wave – attempting aeronautical maneuvers that seemed more magnificent in my head than what were actually accomplished. Wave Rock is definitely breathtaking. It is hard to fathom the impact of erosion over such a long period of time. Wave Rock is an amazing sight, something I am sure I will remember for the rest of my life.

We refueled on bananas and water before continuing on our journey. The girls found it difficult to traverse the course to Hippo’s Yawn, so Audrey went on my shoulders while Ava held Caroline’s hand. A few gulps of water and we headed along the bush track towards Hippo’s Yawn. The name derived as it resembles a 12-meter Hippopotamus’ opening its enormous mouth to yawn.  Similar formation to that of Wave Rock, Hippo’s Yawn developed its unique formation as a result of water and wind erosion. With the head of the ‘Hippo’ being lower than that of Wave Rock, gravity seems to have had a profound effect on the granite in this area.

We returned to the camp around 11am and spent an hour or so in the pool. Once again, Audrey was extremely brave. Holding on to her noodle unassisted, motoring the course of the pool. Ava, clearly part mermaid and human, seems to have an affinity with swimming breaststroke under water. Moments of relief for another hot day! Moments after arising from their lunch time nap, both girls wanted another swim in the pool. The end result was two more swims in the afternoon before dinner.

Before putting the girls down to sleep for the night, we decided to see Wave Rock for one last time – hoping to see the effect of the sunset on this enormous ball of granite. The girls put on their head torches, purely as a fashion accessory as it was still bright at 7pm.

Another few attempts with the selfie stick capturing the family sitting on ‘the wave’ before climbing on top of the boulder itself. Knowing a bit about Uluru and the Aborigines, Ava asked whether we were allowed to walk on top of Wave Rock!  After reinforcing with her that the rules applying to Wave Rock are different to Uluru, we ascended up the face of the rock and watched a glorious sunset.

So the planning for tomorrow now begins. The girls are in bed and Caroline and I are following our familiar evening routine of uploading photos, writing the blog and researching where we intend to go tomorrow. My thoughts are we will be heading to Katanning (or there abouts) that is well known for having the largest undercover sheep selling complex in the southern hemisphere!

Maybe lamb is on the menu for tomorrow evening!!


2 responses to “Day 23 -Surf’s up at Wave Rock

  1. Each day brings new adventures for you readers. The wave looked amazing and when I visited Gran she told me she had seen the wave in her travels
    The photos of the wave and the hippo yawn are fabulous but not as fabulous as the lovely photos of the family. Glad that you are all enjoying a little swimming so good for you all. The photo of the sunset was amazing, definitely worth entering in a competition and typical of the area that you are visiting. Ava and Audrey, love the flash light, you are well prepared. Maybe you are getting ready to be a Brownie.
    A big day again for us here in Ewood, but some of us just have to do it!
    Garage tidied this afternoon and hopefully after work we will get on with decorating the tree tomorrow night.
    Christmas is coming upon us so quickly.
    We are off to bed or actually we are already there, sleeping sounds from next to me, Dad has been working so hard helping me at Northbridge, he is amazing. What a gem he is.
    Love you all
    Mum,Rosie, Nanna xxxx


  2. Wonderful, amazing, fantastic to capture so many special moments. The photos of Ava and Audrey are great and show just how happy and lively they are. Make sure you take enough of all 4 of you together at iconic places as these are the memories of the future and they may not visit some of these places again.
    Wave Rock and Hippo Yawn are so aptly named and extremely impressive. Keep the photos coming.
    As for tomorrow’s meal….. surely you are in Australia so it is about time you had lamb, not just camel, emu and kangaroo!!!


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