Day 77 – Lake Yambuk to Grampians

A night of howling winds and rain instead of the Southern Ocean last night was all we could hear. Luckily yesterday afternoon we packed away the floor mat so it was dry. Then after we moved inside, Lach packed away everything else so that we didn’t have wet stuff this morning. When Lach woke to take Ava to the bathroom, it was decided that Ava would do her wee on our makeshift potty rather than go outside in the wind and rain, but Lach put on his raincoat and braved the weather. Its the first morning on our trip that has been miserable – so we cant really complain. We were on the road by 930am and we headed due north – passing Macarthur Windfarm (another AGL built windfarm) and then onto Dunkeld for morning tea at a lovely little cafe which has been set up in someone’s beautiful garden called Dunkeld Delights – Donna we replaced the name with Dubsky’s Delights and discussed whether you could do something similar in your beautiful garden 🙂

Dunkeld is at the southern most tip of the Grampians, so we could see Mt Abrupt from the garden and so we started to explain what the Grampians are to the girls and how they were formed and the possible walks and aboriginal artwork we may see tomorrow. The Grampians are one of the richest indigenous rock art sites in south-eastern Australia. The drive has been very grey, but the weather forecast for the next 3 days is sun and warm, so hopefully it clears up.

We arrived at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park just before noon, and the weather was starting to brighten up. We pulled into our spot and we overlook the fields and the shear sandstone mountain face of the Grampians – kangaroos, emu’s, ducks and cockatoos are surrounding us. Setting up the caravan was an odd feeding as this is the last time we will be doing it properly on our trip. I became quite sentimental. We set up and then after lunch Lach went over to the office and organised a fire drum for us for the next couple of nights – the first place we have been to where there isn’t a total fire ban. So campfire it is!!!

Having walked around the park it’s one of the best we have been too. Everything is smart,  well maintained with large sites and modern amenities. We crossed the road to find some kindling wood having purchased some marshmallows for the campfire and a bag of bird feed for the ducks and cockatoos. Audrey wasn’t letting go of the bag so only had one hand for the wood. The girls and Lach went to the numerous trampolines for an hour whilst I went to the wifi hotspot to try and play catch up on loading photos for the blog, having had no signs for past 3 days. As Lach put it ‘the girls and I just had an awesome time’. A trampoline each – what more could they ask for. Maybe tomorrow all 6 children will have their own…when I returned Lach and the girls were surrounded by birds with one feeding itself from the bag!!

After dinner we had the girls first ever toasted marshmallows –  not sure who was more excited Lach or the girls… We then walked amongst the emus (bushy bots) and kangaroos right our doorstep before checking in on the arrival times of the others so we could decide whether to keep up the girls or not.

By 745pm everyone was here… the children all ran around like headless chickens and were all so excited to see each other – Ava couldn’t wait to show everyone the kangaroos, emu’s and ducks in the field. After an hour of running the excitement off they were all sent to bed and hopefully have a good nights sleep ready for a busy day tomorrow. dsc_3986

Time for a glass of wine or two with friends….

2 responses to “Day 77 – Lake Yambuk to Grampians

  1. Great photos, looks to be a beautiful spot, very much in the country with beautiful scenery and lovely to have the birds and animals surrounding you. A wonderful way to spend a few days with friends and on your way home.
    Love to you all
    Mum,Rosie, Nonna xxxx


  2. Such a wonderful way to round off your holiday spending it with old friends and from Caroline’s perspective the friends she first met when moving to Melbourne. The photo of the children lovely. Now need a photo of you all together.
    Ava and Audrey will now want a firepit in the garden just to toast marshmallows.
    I am sure that John and Rosie are looking forward to your return and of course it will be lovely to sleep in your own bed again. After that life returns to what used to be normal…. I. The meantime make the most of your last few days.
    I am just about to start packing for our holiday socrole reversal.
    Love to all from Dad and me. xxxx


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