Day 50 – Orleans Bay – The night before Christmas

The girls woke up spot on 630am, and were excited that it would be Christmas tomorrow. Audrey went off with Lach to the bathroom and as soon as the door opened the sun streamed in. The forecast actually looked like it could have got it wrong for a change. The sun already had some bite in it when we were having breakfast. Lach wandered down to our neighbours with our shopping list, as they were heading into Esperance and to Lucky Bay, so offered to get some groceries for us – this will save us having to stop on Boxing Day for necessities at Norseman before the we cross the Nullarbor. So kind of them.

We decided that we should make the most of the sun before the weather forecast corrects itself (thunder and max of 20) so we headed back to the Wharton Beach but decided to go to the other end of the beach – its 4km so we had a lot of beach to choose from. Lach took his rod as its the last time he can fish here, as he cant buy bait tomorrow and we aren’t storing it in our fridge :). There were only 3 other cars on the beach, and the tide was only starting to go out, so not as much hard sand as we would have liked, but the car once again just drove through it all like it was bitumen. We set up what felt like in the middle of no-where and Lach walked out to fish whilst the girls and I chilled out on the mat – the girls didn’t even want to play in the sand or sea today, they just wanted to lie down with me and relax – it was really lovely having them just chilax. Lach didn’t manage to catch anything, maybe we weren’t in the right place for the channel, but he had fun and that’s the main thing.

We were heading out to lunch today at the local Condingup Tavern as a treat, so we left the beach and went straight there for an early lunch. We were the only people there and the dry heat felt like we were in the bush surrounded by ‘nothing’. The food was good and the girls loved their burgers. Lach drove, so I had some bubbles and the girls had a special treat of pink lemonade (lemonade with grenadine). We left there just as others were arriving to head back to the beach, as the weather was still fantastic. Whilst at lunch we opened a Christmas Sticker Book which Claire and Mark had given us. The girls loved it and the story which i had been describing over the recent few days was all written down for them, which they liked as it confirmed what i had been telling them – Ava at the moment doubts a lot about what we say. Thanks C&M for the book – Ava has asked whether we can read this book each year, just as we always read ‘The night before Christmas’.


The beach was ‘busy’ by Wharton Beach standards – about 15 cars over a stretch of about 1km, all at the sheltered end of the bay. There was a couple of friends of the girls that they had been playing with the in the playground, so we decided to stop and unload near them so that the girls could play. Lach went out and surfed some waves, whilst the girls played with Rachel and Richard. Lach and I also played with the Bat and Ball and we had less holes today, and two ball children – Ava and Richard – both of whom were happy chasing the ball for us to return it. Ava took herself off for a bit and was just dancing in the shallow water – she was in her element. Lachlan managed to catch some super shots on the camera which shows how expressive she was being.

I still find it surreal that its Xmas and we are on the whitest secluded beach I have ever been too surrounded by families all doing the same and just having quality family time together. I love sitting on the beach watching Lach, be the big kid that we know he is, playing with the girls.

I started a new book last night as I gave up on my other one, got more than half way thought and just had to give up as i was bizarre and hard work and i felt like i had cheated myself out of a weeks reading a good book and I didn’t want to spend another week struggling and not enjoying. As soon as I started The Rosie Project, I was immediately hooked and haven’t put it down all day – every chance I get I am reading – this is what reading is meant to be :).

We headed back to camp about 3pm and managed to get everyone showered before the mad evening rush of people returning from days at the beach. We also had our shopping delivered to our door – how lucky are we? Even better than Woolies Online, but same day delivery.

When we got back we also tested FaceTime up at the highest point of the caravan park to see whether it will work for the required FaceTime calls tomorrow to Sydney and UK – it worked….yipeeee.

The girls have headed off to the playground as Ava and Rachel organised a rendez-vous when they were at the beach for back at camp – very cute. I am writing the blog with a cup of tea in hand, the sun is shining and carols are playing through the external speakers. What more could a girl wish for the night before Christmas?

After a quick dinner, the girls ate fast this evening so that they could go to bed so that Santa could come, we got them ready for bed and put out the stockings, carrots, santa biscuits (made by Nanna – we still have some Nanna, saved especially for tomorrow) and of course the vital whisky. Then we all sat on Audreys bed whilst I read them “The night before Christmas” a book which Nonna and Gramps gave to Ava for her first Christmas. During the book, Audrey commented that Santa looks scary and she was worried that Santa would have to come into the caravan via her bedroom window and she didn’t want that and therefore didn’t want to go to sleep. We managed to persuade her that Santa would likely come in via the front door so she could go to sleep without worrying. They were both out like a light tonight in anticipation for an exciting day tomorrow…img_2258

4 responses to “Day 50 – Orleans Bay – The night before Christmas

  1. What a fabulous way to spend Christmas! We have been really enjoying your blog, lots of fun and very clever. We wish you a wonderful day and a safe journey on your way home. We are going to Merryns for lunch Stus family are up from Melbourne. I took some of the littlest into town to see the David Jones Windows and Santas cave…that was great fun.
    Merry Christmas, Lots of love from Ross and Bron and all the clan. Xxxxxxxxxx


  2. We wanted to wish you guys a merry Christmas! We are thoroughly enjoying reading your blog & are a bit envious of the amazing places you are visiting!
    Things here are going well – less than 3 weeks until peanut arrives. The girls are still very excited, which is fantastic. Jason & I are hoping we can make it though December before he arrives though… time will tell.
    Hugs & kisses to all xoxo


  3. Christmas Day 2017. Happy Christmas All.
    Of course it is still Christmas Eve here so must make sure all the stockings are hung and Santa food and drink are ready for his arrival.
    It sounds as though you enjoyed Christmas Eve on the lovely white sand beach before going to sleep to wait for Santa.
    Dear Ava and Audrey I do hope Santa has brought you some lovely presents and that you have said your Happy Birthday to Jesus, after all that is what we are all celebrating today.
    Jamps and I look forward to speaking to you later when we are awake and you have enjoyed some special time with Mummy and Daddy. I wonder what you will be doing and what feast you will have. We remember such a lovely Christmas with you last year.
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you all.


  4. Have a fabulous day tomorrow guys. I have been reading all your blogs (Mike refuses as he says he is too jealous! – but I have been filling him in). Sounds like you are having a great family time exploring Oz. We hope you have a great day tomorrow, the sun shines for you and Audrey enjoys some kite flying. Mops xxx


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