Day 76 – Lake Yambuk – Chilling out

Another freezing cold night last night which meant that Lach and I retired to the inside of the van around 830. We started playing cards and my hands were so cold I couldn’t even hold the cards properly, and then when the wind came and blew all of the cards off the table, we decided to pack up outside and move inside and recommence when we were warmer.

A slow start today as we have absolutely nothing planned.  The sun was out with perfect blue skies, albeit a little windy. We walked down to the jetty and the playground for Lach to have a fish and the girls a play. All the girls wanted to do was go onto the massive sand dune slide, but we had to wait for Daddy to finish fishing. Whilst the girls were playing my ‘Sydney’ life started to creep up on me – booking hair appointments, and girls swimming lessons for when we are back. Felt really odd starting to organise things for our return. Also checked in with Bec and Don for our couple of days together in the Grampians from tomorrow – the Grand Finale of our #3monthsinacaravan.

Lach had no luck in the lake, so came to join us. The girls were very excited and immediately walked over to the massive slide. There were lots of cardboard remnants at the bottom of the slide which people had used. To give you some persepective the slide is a near vertical drop at the top for the first few meters and then gradually flattens out. A few of the older children flew off the end into the sand. The girls and Lach picked up a piece of cardboard each and walked to the top. Ava flew down, Audrey cried all the way down and Lach slowly made his way down (think it was a bit narrow for him). Audrey surprisingly walked back up and continued – probably doing a total of about 15 slides. Ava walked up and the next thing I know she is coming down face first, she did a total of about 10 slides, as the last slide she came down very close to Audrey and had a crash finish with her. Ava came off worse with a sore ear (her head hit Audreys bottom) and she finished for the day, whilst Audrey continued up and down whilst we calmed Ava down.

We then decided that we should have a sand dune walk along the river mouth and out to the Southern Ocean before heading back for lunch. It was a lovely walk with the sun out and no-one else on the beach. The wind farm along the coastline looked beautiful (Lach thinks I have gone mad) and everyone just enjoying the sunshine and sea on our last few days. Both the girls walked the whole way – a lot of exercise this morning for them.

Lunch was a selection of cheeses from our purchases yesterday – beautiful. The blue was by far the best. The girls ate the same volume as us, and then some more before heading to bed for a lunchtime sleep.

This afternoon we headed to the local general store (Yambuk consists of a pub and a general store only) with the promise to the girls that if they had ice-creams they could have one. Phew they did. We spent the afternoon reading whilst the girls played with their friend Zoe and Lucky the dog.img_2613

A dinner of Butter Chicken with a bottle of Skillogalee 2014 Shiraz is a perfect way to end an extremely relaxing day (probably the least activity today than any other day this whole trip).

We head off to the Grampians tomorrow mid-morning for our last stay and Grand Finale with the Lewis’ and the Simmons’ before we start our journey back to Beecroft…

One response to “Day 76 – Lake Yambuk – Chilling out

  1. I really can’t believe just how brave and confident Ava has become; the changes throughout the 3 months are very evident. Audrey seems to be going from strength to strength; however they both look skinny minis in the photos – just very fit and healthy ones – beautiful too.
    Balmoral is going to seem so crowded when you next visit, unless you go in the middle of the night and even then it will be busier than what you are used to. Back to reality. Glad you have enjoyed a really quiet day today.
    Lachie s birthday, Christmas and New Year must seem so long ago and now to looking forward, seeng old friends, meeting Mia and Charlie little brother and of course the beginning of the next phase for the children – Arden.
    Love to Don, Beckie and families; enjoy 2 days with them before the journey back to Sydney.


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