Day 14 – Relaxing in Coffin Bay

Last night we decided that we would stay another day here at Coffin Bay and explore the area at bit more and have a day without driving.

Today is the first day that I have felt fully relaxed and in the swing of the caravanning lifestyle. I feel we are all getting into the groove of being in each other’s company 24/7, and the fact that we have been away 2 weeks, and this is just the tip of the iceberg is SO exciting. So much more to do and see and we have already been and seen so much of our amazing country.

Both the girls had a good sleep in so Lach managed to escape for a morning run along the Oyster Walk, then after breakfast I went for the same run. It’s more beautiful than I thought it would be – a rustic track made up of broken up Oyster Shells. The sun was trying to sneak through the clouds and running past a house called Mikanos I turned to look at the view and agreed that the view could be Greece.

img_1599Coffin Bay is a beautiful area and all of the facilities look like new – playgrounds, boat ramps, picnic areas – alot of recent money has been invested here.

Whilst doing 2 loads of washing (washing doesn’t seem to end even when in a caravan) the girls were playing with a boy we met (12yo) and playing British Bulldogs, soccer and duck duck goose for what seemed like ages. He was very patient with the girls who were running around and loving the space. After lunch the girls had a good sleep whilst Lach went off and explored – as well as getting a load of $1 coins – we seem to get through them rather quickly with showers and washing. He also picked up a Pizza menu for dinner!!

After the girls woke up we headed to the beach.img_2374 The weather isn’t exactly warm, but somehow having that holiday feeling allows your body to stand on a beach in shorts and t-shirt and not be frozen to the bone (I was the coldest of the 4 of us, but the girls were running around which helped them keep warm). The beach we went too was a stunning calm (would be turquoise if the sun was out) and so Lach pulled out his fishing line and was in heaven. The water was crystal clear and not actually cold (probably relative to the outside temp of 17 – jealous that Sydney is 36 today :(). The girls scoured the beach for shells of all shapes and sizes and put them into their scrunch buckets. I then heard a yelp from Ava – yep, she had a hermit crab in one of the shells in her bucket – Lach and I laughed, she didn’t find it funny at all. Then about 5metres in front of Lach the water started moving and there was a Ray about 1.5m diameter moving gracefully around the shallows – he played for a while, took off and then came back. Lach tried to feed it a pilchard but it wasn’t interested, however it did have a nibble on Lachs line! The girls started digging a hole for the fish that Daddy was going to catch (they were optimistic) but I was frozen so called it a day and we headed back to the town jetty to see if Lach would have any more luck there.

So out we walk to the jetty and meet a couple of others who had buckets of fish and telling tales of catching blue swimmer crabs (they called them pests), so Lach was hopeful. The girls watched on in awe to the others just reeling fish in, but they were getting too close to the edge of the jetty and with fishing lines being cast in – I took them off the playground at the back of the jetty. As soon as I walked off the jetty I hear a “caroline …. got one” shouted from Lach. I turned around not sure whether he was joking – I always give Lach grief about him enjoying fishing and never catching anything. The boy next to him gave me the thumbs up and so I asked Lach to take a photo and he told me it was a ‘Tommy Ruffa’. (Australian Herring) I do believe as I write this – he has caught another three too!!! I don’t have a right to give him stick anymore about never catching anything. Maybe one day in the couple of months we will have fish for dinner hand caught by my husband 🙂 I hope so – however it will be me scaling and gutting it…FFW 5mins and voila – Lachlan has caught a 12” Salmon, the catch of the day said the 5 other people on the jetty. Lachs catch has now got their hopes up that they will catch some Salmon too.

The guy next door asks me whether I want him to bleed it for us – I say “yes please, don’t really fancy doing that, and seeing as I will be the one filleting it, I want to make sure it’s done properly”. We get home with the Salmon still having the occasional ‘flip’ in the plastic bag and Lach asks slyly “Seeing as we have already promised the girls Pizza for dinner, can we please chuck the Salmon and have Pizza instead?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I know that Lach isn’t a huge Salmon fan, but fresh Salmon caught less than an hour before eating is such a rare delicacy that I really want him to have it. For those of you local to us, you have probably also heard Lach boast about how he will be fishing and catching our dinner every night whilst we are on the coast….well I can guarantee you, it’s all words. The Salmon has been gifted to the neighbours and we had Pizza! Call me lazy too if you want as I maybe should have gutted and filleted the Salmon for us later on, but we don’t have room in the fridge and I didn’t want to get all smelly for just my dinner. So pizza all around which included a nice bottle of red and a FaceTime call from Nanna and Grandpa.

The girls have been playing beautifully in the playground with a local girl (7yo) who lives across the road – Ava is fascinated that she can play in the playground on her own without her mummy and daddy being there watching her. She ran home to check whether she was ok to continue playing – this made me smile as in Sydney this wouldn’t happen but reminds me of us as children being allowed to play outside and check in once in a while.

The girls are exhausted after having played outside running around pretty much all day apart from a lunchtime sleep. We are freezing and my warm bed is very inviting to snuggle down and read my Kindle. The Coffin Bay Caravan Park has been fantastic – we have a huge site – the equivalent to maybe 3 sites at most other mainstream parks. So big that other campers keep walking through our site. The kangaroos, and birds are a plenty and the amenities are exceptional. We are right on the water and we overlook the oyster fields on the bay. The ratings about this park from Wikicamps were correct and we are happy we did a d-tour to visit.

Tomorrow we are going to head to Smokey Bay (about 40km east of Ceduna and a 3.5hr drive) so that we can stock up before we start the Nullabor.

5 responses to “Day 14 – Relaxing in Coffin Bay

  1. Thank you for the video. A ray so close…. Obviously these are the best bits for the kiddies to understand/ see what you’re up to.
    I cannot believe you gave the salmon away either… too right you should have filleted and frozen!! You’ll be dreaming of fish when on the Nullabor 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The photos are amazing they will bring back so many memories in the years to come. We too had an amazing day with a mixture of amazement at the collection that was unveiled in Grandfather’s Egyptian collection. I was relieved when the mummified cat appeared as I was starting to disbelieve what I had been told since a little girl like Ava and Audrey gazing in through the glass at all these mysterious objects not really understanding their significance. I think that we are all relieved that the magnificent collection has found a home in a place where it belongs and will be loved by all those who enjoy such history. Lach, your Great Grandfather must have been an amazing man. Hope you received the photos and that you can explain a little to the girls.
    Hope you travels today go well. Glad that you all tried and that some enjoyed the oyster, the scenery is fabulous, maybe worth a visit for us when we EVENTUALLY retire!
    Face time was great, so lovely to be a part of dinner time, we miss that.
    Have a great day, love you all
    First open house today!!!


  3. I love the fish narrative. Good catch and no supper. Lachie you will not live that one down. The 3 girls love salmon. Lovely to watch the ray so near to shore.
    The girls look very happy running around the beach but to stand/sit watching a fisherman – no chance, not even on a hot day. Far too boring.
    2 weeks gone and SO many more to come.
    We might try to FT before going to bed this evening, but realise it might not work.
    Hugs and kisses. xx


    • Will just have to catch more fish Nonna – promise I won’t let it happen again xx tried fishing today but it seems the wind is following us!! Made it difficult to fish. I did buy a few hand reels for the girls but they weren’t that interested today xxx


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