Day 15 – Coffin Bay to Smoky Bay

We woke to a “Beautiful Day for a White Wedding” – as written on the blackboard of the Coffin Bay Caravan Park. Absolutely stunning rays of sunlight flooded through the door when opened. Breakfast check, caravan check. Last photos to capture the beauty of Coffin Bay. Check. Off we go – approximately 350kms today, we plan to arrive at lunchtime.

Another day of yellow fields of barley as far as the eye can see. I love the long straight roads, fields of yellow and the occasional windmill – blades slightly turning in the gentle breeze.

Road signs stating “Cross Winds” – I tried inserting a fantastic dad joke, “Angry Winds”. Caroline didn’t get it.. So sad when you have to explain a good joke!  After reaching the crest of the hill, Caroline hit a lizard that looked a bit like a Blue Tongue, where the head and tail are about the same width. A gentle thud…. thud…as the cars tyres ran straight over the centre of the lizard. All contributing to the circle of life. The lizards death will be lizard tartare for some of the local birds.

We hugged the coast at some stages of the trip today, seeing the white sand dunes in the distance. Passed a few dry salt lakes. White salt crystals everywhere surrounding small ‘ponds’ of brackish water – a sign that they haven’t had much rain the area over the last few months.

Twice we have seen an object in the distance, not knowing whether our eyes were playing tricks on us. The first we saw approximately 2kms ahead on the straight bitumen road. A white car of some description, with a large object behind it. Similar to the mirages of water you see on the roads, we thought that the car had a silver shiny farm shed behind it in the distance. We were wrong! I took a closer look with the camera, extending the zoom to full. It was a ute towing a silo on its back! Took up the entire road.  The photo below is of the second moving silo – presume the farmers move the silos to where they have cut the barley. The entire Eyre Peninsula seems to be barley fields – from east to west and north to south.dsc_1174

With 100kms left in our journey, Caroline spotted a sign ahead “Murphy’s Haystacks” which she recognised from the book that Amy had given to the girls before we headed on our trip called “Are We There Yet?”. The girls have become quite fond of the book, which describes a families trip around Australia over a three month period. We entered the property and marveled over the magnificent monoliths. After taking a few family happy snaps, an Aboriginal woman approached stating “Don’t go in there, that’s mans’ area”. Not sure what she was referring to, she explained further that the first rocks you see when entering the property were “mans’ area”, with “womens’ rocks” a little further ahead. We respected the elders advice – Ava and Caroline proceeded to the womens rocks while Audrey and I returned to the car.  We were very happy that we saw the sign – thank you Amy!!

A smooth 100km dash and we were at Smoky Bay Caravan Park. Sand and crushed sea shells replacing grass with waterfront views of the Great Australian Bight! Beautiful turquoise waters, white sand/shelly beaches. Looks like a postcard. Apart from the stunning beaches, Smoky Bay has one shop that makes up the town centre – a General Store. Smoky Bay has the feel of a holiday home destination – very quiet, laid back, like we are in the off season. Just what we need before crossing the Nullabor in a few days time.

After unpacking the car and setting up the van, Caroline decided to move the car. The girls were playing noisily outside with me when we heard a big bang. Caroline managed to reverse the car into a tree. Fortunately for us, the tree wasn’t damaged, the car was. The rear left ‘fender’ had a few good dents in it and was slightly protruding. Still roadworthy, just cosmetic damage. According to Caroline, all the car needed was a little gaffer tape and we would be ready for the road again. I wasn’t as convinced and suggested we hit the beach for some fishing and play time.

We headed down to the beach and along the Jetty. As the jetty didn’t have railing on one side (and it was another windy day) Caroline thought it best for the girls to return to shore and play in the sand while I had some fishing time.

Unfortunately this time there was nothing to report on the fishing side – no bites in the “Bight” just snagged my lucky hook. Caroline and the girls seemed to have fun on the beach. Ava demonstrating that she learnt from her shell experience yesterday (where the crab popped out) commented that she would only be picking up flat shells at the beach today, as crabs can’t live in flat shells! Clever little lady!

We returned to the caravan park and I was determined to try and fix Caroline’s fender bender. After consulting Dr Google (I did think that putting heat on the dent may fix the problem) I learnt that boiling water and a mallet/hammer may be able to fix the damage. After boiling a few kettles worth of water and pouring them on the damaged site, I managed to reverse the damage – to me it looks pretty unnoticeable!! Chuffed with my handy work it was time for a drink and dinner, shower the girls and bedtime.

The plans for tomorrow – check out the caravan site we have booked for New Years, in Ceduna, and restock on groceries for the Nullabor. Catch a few fish (no pressure) and have another relaxing day. Simple!!

4 responses to “Day 15 – Coffin Bay to Smoky Bay

  1. Yet another facinating blog. Sounds like is very pretty in an outback way at this time of the year in this vast country of ours. Amazing to see silos being moved from place to place fabulous news for the girls when they return to school. The Rock formations were extremely interesting and yet so beautiful in their own way. The colours are fabulous and it always fascinates me how they appear in a field. More interesting information for Ava and Audrey, perhaps they can draw them and colour remembering the colours they have seen.
    Lovely to chat this morning while driving to Ceduna. Ava’s legs in particular are looking so long, they both look so well.
    Have a wonderful day exploring and watch out when reversing, use that camera.
    Where will you be on Lach’s birthday and also Christmas, addresses please.
    Did you take binoculars with you?
    Love you all
    Mum,Nanna Rosie


  2. Not a tree in site on any of the photos, only an occasional windmill! Well done Caroline for managing to find the one and only tree ….. obviously forgotten what they look like – here is a clue. 🌳🌴
    At least no major damage and in the scheme of the hazards you have found along the way, better reversing into a tree than head on into a Kangaroo.
    The aboriginal lands bring back thoughts and memories from our visit to Uluru where we learnt about the men’s and women’s sacred places; all very interesting. Good spot Caroline on finding the place based on a child’s story book.
    Lachie, if you had caught fish, what would you have done with them this time? From the density of the local population you might have trouble finding a willing recipient.
    Thinking of you for the next few days crossing the Nullabor, do hope you don’t all get too bored. It was lovely seeing the girls so happy this morning (uk time).


    • Well written Nonna!! Very funny x

      Caroline’s tree is quite big probably between 5-8 metres high and well established.. I will point out a couple of trees today to Caroline to ensure she remembers what they look like. Good news is we are all ok, the car can drive and we can continue our journey x

      Fishing. You said I wouldn’t live the salmon down. If I catch something edible, I will eat it. As you know fish isn’t my favourite food but I will try. The locals will have to be fed by some other good samaratin!



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